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No Regrets' dinner (Wayne's and Sheren's treat)

| Thursday, December 23, 2010 | |

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No Regrets, which is being led by Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, has swept the major awards during this year's TVB awards ceremony. Tonight, both Sheren and Wayne booked 10 tables and treated the whole No Regrets' crew to dinner. Wayne said, "This dinner is very meaningful to us. It's because our ratings are high, and we have won many awards as well. To add on, we're celebrating Christmas and Winter Solstice too. I bought many bottles of red wine, so nobody is allowed to leave until they're drunk!" When asked whether there will be a third installment, Wayne said that he wanted to ask Tim Gor to ask script-writer Cheung Wah Biu to come back to TVB, because without Wah Biu, there isn't any meaning in him and Sheren collaborating again. Sheren said that she'll spend Christmas Eve with her family, and go back to church on Christmas. She said that she wants to catch up with her friends while she is free, since she won't be free from next month onwards.

Producer Lee Tim Shing (Tim Gor) was asked whether there would be a third installment. He said, "Let other people do it. I don't want to hog this series. Even if we are to collaborate again, I have to think of another story. I'm now preparing to film My Cruel Lover, which will be starring Raymond Wong and Nikki Chow." Nikki has always been working with Kevin Cheng, so why did Tim Gor put her and Raymond together this time round? He said, "Haha, they quarreled!" Tim Gor said that he likes Raymond Wong very much, and feels that he should promote the new artistes more instead of giving the roles to the same people over and over again. He also believes that one day, Him Law and Christine Kuo will make it big.

Pictures from today's dinner! =D It's Wayne's and Sheren's treat for the whole No Regrets crew! =D Tim Gor said that Cheung Wah Biu will be busy with the filming of his new Taiwanese drama, and has also confirmed that there WON'T be a Rosy Business 3. =/

- Credits to Tungstar
- Credits to ayunman of 邓萃雯吧 for 1st video
- Credits to sallylaw1224 of 义海豪情吧 for 2nd video
- Credits to 天儿小冰 of 义海豪情吧 for 3rd video
- Credits to various sources for pictures


Comments: Wow! The food looks really yummy! xDDDDDDDD And haha, how come all of them have to sing??? Wayne said that Pierre sings really well though! ^^

After reading Cheung Wah Biu's Mingpao interview, I don't think he would ever want to return to TVB again, so there is no chance of a Rosy Business 3. =( It's really such a loss for TVB. But serves them right for not treasuring the people around them. =P

Sheren's so cute in the video! "I have to stop hiding at home if I want to get a boyfriend!" ^^ May you find your Mr Right soon! =D

The way they speak Mandarin is so cute!!! =3 I really feel like pinching their cheeks hahaha! ^^ And huh? Are my ears playing tricks on me?! Tim Gor says that there is a chance for them to collaborate again?!?!?! May this be true! =D


  1. hahah i think it's for fun; cos it's super asian to do :P
    & awwwe 心姐 looks so pretty with the beret :)!

  2. @Anonymous Haha, one of the songs they sang was Red Butterfly, but added in their own lyrics! The composers for Red Butterfly and Righteous Sea of Heroic Love (same people) were there as well! =P

    And agree! Susan looks so cool in that beret! She looks like an artist! xD

  3. Wish I were part of the crew...I want to be treated by Sheren and Wayne too! Haha:)

  4. @Sherayne :) Me too! I want to see them in real life hahaha! =D


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