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No Regrets' celebratory dinner

| Tuesday, December 7, 2010 | |
Sheren Tang, Lee Tim Shing and Wayne Lai set new records with No Regrets. However, Wayne Lai has no intention to film the third installment. (I purposely made this phrase bigger lol!)

No Regrets, starring Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang as leads, ended with high ratings of 47 points, with 3 million viewers watching and crying at the same time. Last Sunday, No Regrets dominated the awards ceremony, with Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai winning Best Actress and Best Actor again, and Evergreen Mak and Fala Chen winning Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Virginia Lok: TVB has a lot of money
TVB deputy executive chairman Mr Norman Leung is very happy with No Regrets' results, and invited everybody involved in this drama for dinner at a Western food restaurant. Wayne and Sheren naturally became the centre of attraction, and even the actors who played the Japanese soldiers were also present.

After that, Sheren interacted with a few TVB high executives including Stephan Chan, Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang. Lok has dangled attractive terms in order to coax Sheren and Wayne into signing a contract with TVB. She said, "In the past, we didn't dare to bring up this matter, because we're afraid it would affect the results. This is now the good time to bring it up. We are very sincere. TVB has the most money. However, Wayne's wife is his manager, and will forever be. Sheren also has a manager whom she gets along very well with. Unless her manager retires, I don't think she'll sign on with TVB."

As to whether she'll sign on with TVB, Sheren said, "If my manager retires, TVB will have the upper hand. I've always filmed TVB dramas without any bond, and I don't know when I'll retire." Will she take this chance to increase her pay? Sheren joked that Gau Mui has a lot of money.

As for Wayne, he has no intention of asking for a higher pay, but has jokingly praised himself for being worth so much money.

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Mr Norman Leung invited everybody involved in No Regrets for dinner today! ^^ This is to celebrate No Regrets' high ratings, as well as to celebrate No Regrets' win! =D VICTORY!! =) Picture time! ^^

Scoop's video on celebratory dinner

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Comments: Good to see them so happy together! ^^ This is why I say that I see very strong team work in the cast of No Regrets. =) However, I'm pretty sad that there won't be a Rosy Business 3, but this is pretty understandable. Given the success of Rosy Business and No Regrets, it's very tiring for Tim Gor and the rest of the cast to film Rosy Business 3 when there's so much expectations and stress coming from everywhere. I can understand why Tim Gor said that it was very tiring to film No Regrets.

I feel that Sheren and Wayne can still collaborate again, but it doesn't necessarily have to be the Rosy Business series. No matter what kind of series they film, their amazing chemistry will forever be there! =D



  1. They look so happy!

  2. Wish I was there....! Hahaha...



  4. @Everybody Agree! They all look so happy, that's why I say that the No Regrets' team exhibit really very strong teamwork and unity! =D Without them, No Regrets won't be a success! =P


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