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Wayne Lai doesn't want to win third TV King

| Saturday, December 11, 2010 | |
Lau Sing made Wayne Lai win his second Best Actor award, but his excitement at winning the Best Actor award was not as great as last year. He described his happiness as fleeting, because for one, he felt that there is nothing new in him winning it again, and secondly, because No Regrets lost the Best Drama award. Everybody just wanted to get home as quickly as possible to get some rest.

Wayne Lai set records by becoming the second person to win Best Actor award in TVB's history. He thanked the audience for their support. After getting his award, he went to Kowloon, where many residents wanted to take photos with him. A vegetable seller said, "In order to watch the finale of No Regrets, I didn't even play mahjong. Last year, a player took a photo with you and had very good luck. He won every round! After being in this industry for a long time, I'm glad that he has such results now. I'm happy for him!"

Wayne hanged around for about 1/2h hour before he bought his groceries, attracting many people. He even took photos with his fans to thank them for their support.

The game is only fun when everybody is involved
Wayne has 2 dramas coming up, namely Forensic Heroes 3 (FH 3) and The Great Eunuch. He has the chance of winning his third Best Actor award. Wayne said, "If I win again, I won't have any friends in TVB. I'm just trying to earn my keep. Getting 2 Best Actor awards is already good enough. This game is only fun to play if everybody is involved. Also, there are many other artistes who are waiting for their recognition. Moreover, FH 3 will focus more on cases. While the previous 2 installments had good ratings, but my role in FH 3 won't be that outstanding. As for The Great Eunuch, I don't even know when I'm going to film it." Wayne sees the award as his graduation certificate, a certificate that bestows to him recognition of all the hard work that he has put in. Since he has already gotten his award, he won't be trying to get more "certificates". He will only seek to further improve on his acting.

Taking a long break
Wayne is now 47 years old. When asked if his good luck arrived a bit too late, Wayne said that it's better, because he feels less stressed. He is one who knows his limits, and has no lofty ambitions so long as he is able to support his family. He just wants to lead a happy life with his family. When he first gotten his award, he wanted to buy a branded watch for his wife, but his wife said, "There's no need to. If you buy a branded watch, I'll have to put it in the safe, and only wear it for special occasions. Even if I wear it, I would be afraid of damaging it. I'll feel a lot of stress."

When asked how he would reward himself, Wayne said, "I have earned my money, but I have no time to spend it, so I hope to go on a long holiday to New Zealand next year with my family. 10 years ago, I went with my wife to New Zealand and felt really very relaxed. I wish to bring my son along to enjoy what we experienced."

- Credits to Singtao

Comments: I still don't think The Great Eunuch will come out next year LOL! xD And yes, Wayne deserves a long break! I wish him all the best in his future endeavors! =D

On a side-note, since I don't want to make a separate post for this as it is pretty short, No Regrets has become the most-searched drama on Google! Read more about it here. Congratulations to No Regrets! =D




  1. I think he would have disappointed many by saying he doesnt wanna win TV King the third time :(

    Is he being humble, or lack of ambition? Or already really that contented with what he have now? :(

    Wayne please continue giving your best in producing more good dramas.. singing more great theme songs...

  2. and dont worry wayne, you do not look like 47YO at all!

    It's frustrating, I dunno why I cant leave comment on Wayne's Blog..because I cant log into It keep saying invalid email/password even thought i have already registered with the same email/password :(

    Any help?

    Worse, I do not know how to read Chinese.

  3. @min Huh... You can't log in? I can log in leh... You have a account right? The one that allows you to post on the TVB forum...

  4. It's great to know that (even though I think his acting is superb already) he still wants to further improve his acting. I think to have that as a goal is better than trying to get a 3rd best actor award in the long run. And I'm happy for him to have a wife like his :D

  5. @Anonymous I agree! Wayne is really very humble even though he has so much fame now! =) And his wife is really very supportive in whatever he does! =D


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