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No Regrets is a TVB drama that is full of feelings

| Friday, December 17, 2010 | |
For this year's 2010 TVB awards ceremony, Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai won their second straight Best Actress and Best Actor awards based on No Regrets, creating a new record in TVB's history.

Rosy Business created a this golden pairing. Although No Regrets is a sequel of Rosy Business, but there is no relation between the 2 dramas. Gau Mui is a person who is ruthless and has many tricks up her sleeves. Sheren did a very good job in handling this character. Although Wayne's Lau Sing was just a small fry as compared to Sheren's Gau Mui, he portrayed his emotional scenes with Gau Mui very well. Lau Sing's "How many 10 years does one have?" is now famous; Gau Mui's "May we all be blessed with longevity, though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together" has a hint of sadness in it. These 2 people build up a relationship that transcends time and distance, a relationship that is meant to last.

TVB dramas usually have heart-warming moments in them, and they attract friends and family members to watch them together. No Regrets is set in the 1930s of Guangzhou, the period when people are going through periods of hardship. Although the production set is not as sophisticated as those from Mainland China, but during times of hardship, people help each other, and can also fight each other in order to survive. All these portray the true meaning of human nature.

During times of war, the citizens unite. They have righteousness, as well as love in them. This is what makes this drama so good. A netizen wrote this on Weibo: If you don't know what is love, watch No Regrets; If you don't know what is friendship, watch No Regrets; If you don't know what is kinship, watch No Regrets; If you don't know what is pureness; watch No Regrets; If you don't know what is steadfastness, watch No Regrets; If you don't know what is responsibility, watch No Regrets; If you don't know what is waiting, watch No Regrets. This is No Regrets, a quality production from TVB!

- Credits to China Economics Press


Anyway, for No Regrets fans, a Facebook page for our dear Sing Gau is set up! Go to to join and show our support to Sherayne! <333333 Thanks to Jamie for setting up this page! =D



  1. Awesome article! Thanks for translating!

  2. Before watching No Regrets, I don't like watching dramas that are labelled as "pre-modern" and tend to avoid them. To be honest, I didn't really anticipate NR that much at first. However, after watching the first episode (I gave it a try because of Rosy Business:P), I just couldn't stop watching it. It has drawn me into that genre now. That's the power of NR, of Wayne and especially SHEREN! Looking forward to Tim Gor's new series My Cruel Lover starring Raymond Wong Ho Yin, another pre-modern drama YAY!!

  3. @Anonymous Haha, why is it that people don't really like pre-modern dramas? xD I personally find this period to be a great setting for dramas because of the chaotic era... =D


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