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TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2010)

| Monday, December 6, 2010 | |
The annual TVB Awards ceremony was held yesterday, and it was a battle between both Can't Buy Me Love and No Regrets. The results have proven this point. Unlike Rosy Business, which swept last year's awards, the limelight was on Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai, who set new records for TVB by becoming winning both the TV King and TV Queen awards consecutively for 2 years. However, there was a moment of silence when Can't Buy Me Love was announced as the winner of the Best Drama award as No Regrets was expected to take home that award. Charmaine Sheh won the My Favourite Female Character award while Moses Chan won the Best Performance award.

Competition for this year was really tight, and there was no clear winner. The Best Supporting Actor went to Evergreen Mak and the Best Supporting Actress went to Fala Chen. The Most Improved Female award went to Natalie Tong while the Most Improved Male award went to Raymond Wong. Raymond Lam had high popularity, but was not good enough to become TV King. He went on to win the prize and the My Favourite Male Character award instead.

Gau Mui leaves deep impression - Sheren Tang beats Charmaine Sheh to win Best Actress again
Before the awards ceremony, the media had already placed their bets on Sheren and Charmaine. No Regrets' "Gau Mui" left a very deep impression on the audience and managed to beat Charmaine, winning the Best Actress award again, while Charmaine was left to take the My Favourite Female Character award.

Wayne Lai wins Best Actor again
The fight for this year's TV King was not as fierce as the fight for TV Queen. No Regrets' Lau Sing, who went through much difficulty with Gau Mui, was once again crowned Best Actor. When Sandra Ng said, "Actually, everybody knows who it is.", Wayne was the one who had the last laugh. On stage, Wayne never forgot to hug Sandra.

Raymond Wong succeeds in winning Most Improved Male award
Raymond, who was in the movie industry, managed to get the Most Improved Male award this year. It was also his first TV prize in 13 years. He had 8 dramas lined up this year, and had delivered in both Can't Buy Me Love and No Regrets. His role as Yeung Yeung in No Regrets had brought him more popularity and praises.

Supporting roles attract attention
The Best Supporting Male and Female went to Evergreen Mak and Fala Chen respectively. Both of them could not resist their tears. Evergreen was so emotional until he couldn't speak properly.

Red carpet

Part 1 of awards ceremony

Part 2 of awards ceremony

Part 3 of awards ceremony

Part 4 of awards ceremony

Here's the video from Scoop about the awards ceremony!

TVBE video on awards ceremony

Apple Daily's clip

Mingpao Daily's clip

TV King Wayne Lai loves Alex Man the most!

Wayne and Sheren's thoughts. Gosh, Wayne wants to quit acting? I think he's under a lot of stress... =(

Best Actor: Wayne Lai
Best Actress: Sheren Tang
My Favourite TV Male Character: Raymond Lam
My Favourite TV Female Character: Charmaine Sheh
Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak
Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen
Most Improved Male Artiste: Raymond Wong
Most Improved Female Artiste: Natalie Tong
Best Host(s): Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, and Wong Cho Lam
Best Series: Can't Buy Me Love
Best Variety Programme: The Voice 2
Most Admirable Production: HK ARTchitecture Popularity Award: Raymond Lam
Best Professionalism Performance Award: Moses Chan
Lifetime Achievement Award: Louise Lee

- Tags may be replied. Right now, I'm not in the mood to do so lol. Credits to various sources.

Comments: I must say that I'm disappointed that No Regrets didn't get the Best Drama award! There's very strong netizen support for No Regrets, and I'm really very surprised that it went to Can't Buy Me Love instead. =( Now, what shall we do? I really feel like crying already. ='(

But not to worry, No Regrets. Many people are feeling really angry for you! Now, shall I stick to my vow of staying away from BVT?

Still, on the bright side, Wayne and Sheren got their TV King and Queen awards again! 2 times in a row! I think this is a record! =D My heartiest congratulations to them! ^^ I'm quite surprised that Fala got the Best Supporting Female award, because I thought she won it not too long ago? But still, congratulations to her, and Evergreen Mak, who was soooo annoying as Fei Fan that he's so good! ^^

I can't really remember what Wayne's speech was, but I was laughing all the way because he really spoke very fast!!! xDDDD But I really love Sheren's, Evergreen's and Fala's speeches. Sheren's speech was about treasuring who you have, and not to take the peace now we have for granted. I thought it was really very thought-provoking, since No Regrets is a wartime drama. Evergreen got a standing ovation. I'm glad that he has finally gotten his due! It's a very well-deserved win, after being in the TV industry for so long! ^^ Fei Fan Gor was really annoying and irritating, but that's because Evergreen made it so real! =P I love Fala's humble attitude towards her prize. She said that she wasn't good enough, and there were other people who were better. She vowed to work harder next year. You have my support, Fala! Her acting has really improved a lot! I hope to see more works from her! ^^

The netizens are really very angry, and I am too. However, there's this quote from Wyman Wong (Sheren's stylist), who said this in response to Sheren not getting her due a few years back: 拎唔到獎唔等於輸,拎到獎都唔叫贏。 如果畀我,寧願拎唔到獎,有人戥我唔抵,好過拎到獎有人覺我唔值。 I think this quote aptly describes No Regrets now.

When I watched the award ceremony, I remembered that both me and Jamie were about to cheer when To Sir said, "咁明顯,冇做馬啦掛..." After which, when he saw the card, he said, "又唔係喎..." I really went "HUH?! AND WHAT?!" This is probably one scene which I will never forget, because I still remember how the atmosphere felt like. It was really tense, and nobody said anything for a few moments. Even To Sir himself was shocked that it wasn't No Regrets...

Like what meemee! said, in time to come, nobody will remember that drama. All people will know that year 2010 is the year when BVT screwed up didn't give the Best Drama award to the more deserving ones. All people will remember is that in year 2010, there were a few very good dramas that did not get their due, and No Regrets is one of them.

Do you have anything to say to No Regrets and its production crew members? This is really the very good time to show them our support!



  1. BVT rob off NR best series awards......i cant even finish 1 episode of CBML...and that series win best drama awards....gosh...they really have their way of giving awards...

  2. Can't imagine a comEdy drama can win best drama. Tsk tsk

  3. So unfair... Sooo Unfair..

    No regrets´ storyline worth the price more than CBML. ASHHHHHH

    I am so sad...

  4. Hi... Nice blog you have here. Really appreciate that you have and cant know more about it. I would say, your blog was superb, a lots better than

    Anyway, who said No Regret didn't win the best drama. At least it win our heart! It is always be the bext drama in us for life. Guess this is a lot better than winning the award. The award is just bonus for everyone.

    Keep on support No Regret and hopefully the 3rd sequel will be confirm soon and can't wait for more...


  5. Yahhhhhhhhhhh I tot No regrets would win best series!!!!!! They had the loudest cheer, even To Sir was surprised that it was not No Regrets. :(

  6. Anyway........ CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSS to Sheren and Wayne for winning Best Actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheren is da BEST! <3

  7. no one really remembers the best series winner as opposed to the winners of best actors and best actresses as what jc said. so we should be contented NR got the meatier prize. and usually, tvb gives the best series to the one with overall best ratings (whether or not it is rigged)

    now i hope they will give sheren some series to film in 2011. plssss!!! or better still build on the powerful chemistry between WAYNE AND SHEREN



  8. Hellloooo:) NR is without a doubt the best drama I've watched for the year! And is also the only drama I rewatched immediately when I finished it once! Hahah! The fact that the 4 most prestigious award (best supporting and best leads) are from NR.. Thus proves that NR is a show with QUALITY!:)

  9. NR should have won Best Drama. it really was ridiculous. but awards are rigged. that's the way things are. just glad that Sheren and Wayne got Best Actress and Best Actor. But TVB would have been screwed if they didn't give them those awards. I can imagine the anger of the public and the netizens if they went home empty-handed yesterday! Can't believe i stayed up to 3:00 last night. to watch it LIVE. (cause I live in Australia). but worth it :) they all looked very pretty :)

  10. Hi Dreamlucky! Please please tell me what Wyman said in English. And what about the other actresses said before they announced Sheren's name as the winner. Me too! I was totally shocked that CBML got so-called Best Series of 2010. It's the funniest part!

  11. Hey peeps!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to watch NR again! I don't think I'll ever get sick of it! hahahaha. Wheeeeeeeeeee~

    I'm still extremely hyped over Sheren and Wayne's win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In my heart, Sheren and Wayne also won my "Most Favourite TV character" award. :D :D :D

  12. also........ i LOVE sheren's speech.......... she's awesomeeeeeeeeeee. Love the message: "Treasure the people around you".

  13. i just finished watching last yr's award ceremony again. and i can see how grateful both sheren and wayne were cos they totally didnt expect it. especially wayne since he got 2 awards alr. and for sheren, she could also be anticipating a repeat of the past.

    this year, they were sort of expecting it so they didnt seem so shocked like last yr.

    but still, really happy they won again because they totally deserved it this time round again!!! :D LOVE ROSY BUSINESS, SADLY, there wont be a third instalment ))):


  14. tvb should rename the best series award to best losy awful series.

    cant by me love is really crappy tvb production.

    1 of the 2 tim gor series should be in the best series.

    this year is very predictable and i am not satisfy w/ the results.

  15. This year award ceremony is really shocking. I felt the award should have went to Steven if Tvb was planning to give Raymond Lam Fav. Character or Fav Character to Kenneth if is going to Raymond. Anyway, Raymond did not need two awards. It is more meaningful to him to received the award for a better character. With Moonlight, already proves that he can acheive that award no problem if a good script was giving to him. He did not need an award for people to question him.

    I do not agree with people that says, they got the award last year already and no need to give it to them again. Come on guys, if you got a raised last year would you not want another one. As long a you deserve it, you should continue getting it no matter what. With this ridiculous thinking, i am glad Sheren will not be a part of this for next year series. She deserves better, however i will miss seeing her in Tvb.

    Because of getting the award already last year that is why, TVB is not giving it to Tim Gor when he deserve it. They probably felt sorry for Shiao Ching losing to Rosy business and might again lose to No Regrets, and there is no chance of her writing another story with Moses and Charmaine again for a part 3 so they gave it to her. They do not want her to not work for TVB any more. We know that Tim Gor still have another 2 year contract with TVB. Again award is not about sharing or taking turn, it should be based on hard work and deserving. Tim Gor put in so much effort in this series that his chance of doing another one won't be soon but we will have to wait a long time.

    I do hope Tim Gor can come up with a modern comedy series with Wayne and Sheren to please Sheren hope in comedy and the fan of pairing up Wayne and Sheren again. With a comedy series we won't compare it with Rosy because it is a whole new feel and Sheren will not need to go through Country war anymore. Hope that comedy will come in 2012.

  16. I miss Sheren and Wayne already, that i feel i may even settle for a comedy movie with Wayne and Sheren. Maybe Director may even make one since he did not seem to agree with BVT result.

  17. Hi everyone! This is my first time actually caring about TVB and their award ceremonies. I'm still new to all this because I grew up without Chinese channel in my household. Long story short, my parents were afraid that my English would deteriorate or not improve if I was constantly exposed to Chinese or TVB shows. I quite think it's the opposite but now that I'm older, my Chinese is improving due to an actual interest in learning Mandarin. (I'm learning Mandarin in university as of late). It wasn't until grade 11 that my friends introduced me to Asian dramas. It was quite fascinating to me that you could watch so many dramas online! It has now opened up a world of Asian dramas to me. And to people who also care about the same dramas and artists that I do.

    Last year, my uncle had burned DVDs for my mom to watch (because we don't have Chinese channel) and one of these dramas was called 畢打自己人 starring Wayne Lai and Teresa Mo. This sitcom was actually really good and I enjoyed this series even though it had over 300 episodes (20mins long). That's when I started noticing Wayne Lai and Teresa Mo's good acting. When I wiki-ed Lai, I noticed that there wasn't much on him. Later that year I heard that he had won Best Actor (and two other awards) with Sheren Tang for Rosy Business. I have yet to watch Rosy Business (very busy! Only watched one epsiode so far).

    But it wasn't really until I watched the promotional trailer for No Regrets that I fell in love with Sheren and Wayne. I've always been interested and fascinated by war especially World War II and being Chinese, the Sino-Japanese wars and the Rape of Nanking as well. Even in the promotional video, the acting and suspense were phenomenal and after googling and searching up this drama, I realized that many, many people were also interested in and were anticipating the airing of No Regrets. I've only been able to watch 4 episodes of No Regrets and what can I say? The acting and script is fantastic. I have yet to read your re-caps! Only because I don't want to know too much of it :P

    Like everyone here and on other forums, Wayne and Sheren both deserve winning Best Actor and Best Actress. Furthermore, as mentioned, it isn't about taking turns or sharing when it comes to awards and for those who really deserve them. I'm glad that Sheren and Wayne won respectively but when I heard that Can't Buy Me Love won for Best Series, I only assumed that it was because TVB wanted to 'get the best of both worlds' and appease everyone's wishes. I honestly didn't think much about the fact that No Regrets hadn't won for Best Drama even though I love it. Love all that I have seen so far. Growing up in a Western society, we emphasize good work and well written, well played movies and dramas. So when I heard that Can't Buy Me Love won, I was disappointed but not to the extent that others were. Now after reading a lot of different people's opinions, I too feel very disappointed because No Regrets is all that and more. More than I thought it is or was. Perhaps it's because I haven't finished the drama yet and only focused on Sheren and Wayne. But now I know how I truly feel. And I love Wyman's quote. Just because Sheren and Wayne won and not No Regrets and 添哥, it is incomplete and dissatisfying.

  18. @All Thanks for all your comments! ^^ I'm sure the No Regrets' casts and backstage crew would feel touched by all the comments here! =)

  19. @Daow Wyman said: Not getting the prize doesn't mean you lose. Getting the prize doesn't mean you win. If it's given to me, I'd rather not get it and people feel unjust for me, rather than getting it and people saying that I don't deserve it.

    拎唔到獎唔等於輸,拎到獎都唔叫贏。 如果畀我,寧願拎唔到獎,有人戥我唔抵,好過拎到獎有人覺我唔值。

    And as for what the other actresses said, I can't really remember lol. I just knew that Sheren got a standing ovation when her name was announced haha! ^^

    Did you get to attend the awards ceremony this year?

  20. Both of them deserve the awards, they really do, by receiving the awards, it's proven that the role of Gau Gu Leong and Lau Sing are recognised by everyone, the series No Regrets is recognised, it's the best!

    No other lines in other series beat these lines in No Regrets.. Both Gau Gu Leong and Lau Sing's expressions when delivering these lines are just phenomenal, plus the background music, it's really very very emotional! I cry everytime watching this fact..every episode of No Regrets made me cry. That's how much emotions being delivered by Sheren and Wayne and other casts!

    It's easy to make a person laugh (referring to CBML), but to make a person cry? It's not easy.

    (do Lau Sing's facial expression when delivering this line..)

    also, I find these lines memorable too.

    人死的时候不知道会怎么样? 死了以后又会怎么样?
    I don't think anyone can deliver this line better than Lau Sing. His tone was just perfect..melancholy.. thinking about death..and life.

    每个人都有自己的故事,经历不同的 甜 酸 苦 辣
    by chan mei ting.
    I think the Narrator Chan Mei Ting's tone too contribute to making the series to perfection.

    Everything she said, was so appreciative of the whole journey of Gau Gu Leong (and Lau Sing).

    You all will always be in our hearts, just like how Chan Mei Ting ends it:

  21. do notice* Lau Sing's facial expression

  22. I was watching the anniversary awards yesterday, and I couldn't believe CBML got Best Series!!
    I've watched 3 episodes of that show, and boooyy, was it horrible. The cast think they're all funny when it's not.

    -How can an actual drama lose to a comedy like this? Tvb is giving this award to CBML for a consolation prize, to make that director feel all better. But really, does CBML really deserve it?

    It should go to NR, it is by far the drama with the best storyline and actors. GO OLD PEOPLE <3
    Even To Sir was surprised when he saw that CBML won the Best Series Award. Everyone was surprised.
    Do you know how many people support and back up NR? It's more than half percent! !

    Anyways, I heard that Tim Gor is retiring this year? The award should've went to him. I think he produced a very good movie. His drama should've won, because it's his last year working for TVB and it would've been memorable if NR had won.

    NR taught me A LOT of stuff about the World War II, and what the Chinese had to suffer. I was really into this movie, and I love the tragedy of it and the longing for the next episode everytime I finish one.

    As for CBML, again, it was a pretty crappy series, one of the worst.It didn't teach me a thing about history- One, it is a comedy, which never teaches anything. Two- if it was meant to teach anything, it wouldn't even be delivered to the audience because the acting was so poorly acted out.

    I thought Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai did an outstanding job in NR, as well has RB. I personally think that the sequel was better than the first. This could've been because I watched No Regrets AFTER I watched Rosy Business( about one year), but I know everyone agrees with me on that one. I mean, when do you see a sequel better than the orginal? Pro Work Right There.

    Oh, and people are saying that Fala Chen was quite annoying in NR? Her character and her diary was meant to pass time, so those eight years can pass by smoothly. Isn't it quite smart? For me, I personally thought her diary moments were boring at times when she talked about what she thought of yeung yeung -_-" Sometimes I can't stand their romantic storyline. But, I have to admit, everything building up to when yeung yeung propoed to ching ching and the speech he gave to ching ching was just magnificient.

    Also, what I'm unhappy about it is that Gau Goo Leung getting together with Lau Sing when they are freakin' OLD? [really?] I'd rather them get together when they are still young, so I can see their happy faces,(pretty) faces when they marry. Maybe with a few episodes more, they can do it.

    Okay. Im going to stop my long passage,now, hehe.


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