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No Regrets in Someday

| Friday, December 17, 2010 | |
Haha, I think this was shown quite long ago. xD Someday did make some references to No Regrets in a particular episode, so I shall post the pictures here LOL. xDDDDD

Does anybody have the original video for this section? If so, please tell me! ^^

And another screen capture from episode 104 of Someday...



  1. Hmm,i think there's also one more episode where Johnson Lee and Wayne Lai were sitting in front of the TV and saying ‘醒哥真的发疯了’ or something as well.

  2. @amandaaaa(:
    I was gonna say that too! I remember that one too! It was in episode 104. I thought that was a pretty good episode! Very creative and funny :D

    Here's a print screen of the image that I did. I had to replay a lot of videos to find it LOL

    I found a link for you! It's episode 98

  3. In addition, he says this "醒哥又發瘋"

    forgot to add that.

  4. @Anonymous Thanks a lot! ^^ And thanks for watching through all the videos. xD Someday has a lot of episodes. =P

    But why did they mention No Regrets in Someday? xDDDD


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