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2010 Star Ceremony (2010年星光大典)

| Thursday, December 30, 2010 | |

Wayne being announced as the winner!

Male artiste of the year (Hong Kong/Taiwan) - Wayne Lai (No Regrets)

Wayne Lai has just sealed his position as TVB's No. 1 brother based on this year's most-anticipated anniversary series, No Regrets. As a grand production, No Regrets has already met expectations due to its gripping storyline. Before No Regrets was aired, some people say that it's difficult for Wayne to get rid of Chai Gau's shadow because his performance in Rosy Business was just too outstanding. However, the results of this award shows that if there wasn't any breakthrough in Wayne's performance, he wouldn't have won the award. Wayne did not disappoint. He used a different approach to act out Lau Sing's character. Wayne's outstanding performance in No Regrets has made him worthy of being the male artiste of the year.

Wayne's interview with 腾讯娱乐

- Credits to 腾讯娱乐
- Credits to 甜心cream of 义海豪情吧
- Credits to Wayne Lai Malaysian Fan Club @ Facebook

Comments: Congratulations, Wayne! ^^ Too bad Sheren didn't win this year, but she won for last year though... =/ Wayne's Mandarin sounds pretty good! =D



  1. Video 1 stop before Wayne Lai's acceptance speech. Refer for his thank you speech.

    credits to

  2. @Anonymous Thanks a lot! I've re-uploaded the video! =D

  3. what is star ceremony?

  4. @Anonymous It's an awards ceremony that is held in China. Voting + judges' opinions play quite a huge role in determining who's the winner, so to my knowledge, Wayne Lai got the highest number of votes for the Hong Kong/Taiwan region?

    Sheren Tang won the same award in 2009 for her role in Rosy Business.


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