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Fala doesn't want to be TV Queen yet

| Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | |

After the TVB awards ceremony ended, much of the attention went to those won TV King and Queen. However, competition for the supporting roles are also stiff. Evergreen Mak has been in the TV industry for 23 years, and this is his first time winning the Best Supporting Actor award, but he said that the happiest thing is that he has won the recognition of his colleagues; As for Fala Chen, who won the Best Supporting Actress award twice and has both career and love going well for her, her abilities have long been confirmed, but she has no wish to win the Best Actress award yet. To both Evergreen and Fala, the awards are just icing on the cake; In both their journeys as artistes, both of them have people who were by their sides and always giving them support, making them who they are today.

R: Reporter
F: Fala Chen

R: After winning the Best Supporting Actress award 2 times, are you considered as an acting pro?
F: Of course I'm a good supporting actress. The road to being an acting pro is very long, and your acting must be really good. I feel that I still have many areas to improve on. For example, in No Regrets, I feel that I can speak Cantonese better.

R: How different was it for you, winning it in 2007, and winning it again this year?
F: To be honest, I have to see who my competitors are. Both Kara Hui and Nancy Wu are very good actresses as well, but it is not within my capabilities to judge who is better than who. The last time I was awarded, I just started my career, so I didn't know many people. This time round, there were so many colleagues who wanted to hug me, and everybody was happy for me. After knowing them for so long, our bond is even stronger, and they understand me better. Seeing so many people supporting me, I was very touched, that's why I cried.

Female lead in new drama
R: Did you feel any stress when you were filming Links to Temptation (LTT), since you are the female lead?
F: Yes, because I'm afraid that if the drama gets low ratings, it'll be because of me. In No Regrets, the leads were somebody else, so I did not really care about the ratings. Now, I hope that LTT's ratings would be stable. So long as it's higher than the dramas placed in the Christmas and New Year time-slots, I'm happy.

R: Is being TV Queen your next goal?
F: Not so soon. I have to meet the "right" character, and I can wait.

R: Since you entered the entertainment sector by winning a beauty pageant, do you find yourself working hard to shed the "flowerpot" image?
F: No. I too wish that I was pretty. Acting skills can go with beauty. Acting pros are not necessarily average-looking. Charmain Sheh, Maggie Cheung and Ada Choi entered this industry via such pageants.

R: How was your transformation from a sexy person to an acting pro like?
F: Artistes are pretty much affected by the roles they play. No Regrets' Ching Ching was a character that Tim Gor approached me to take on. It was not a character that I chose to take on. Maybe because I used to take on sexy characters in the past, so everybody thought that Fala Chen is such a person. I do want to take on different roles, and I don't wish to be stereotyped by the roles I usually play.

Drawing a clear line between work and relationships
R: Has your steady relationship with your boyfriend aided you in concentrating on your career?
F: I know where to draw the line. In the past when I was studying, when I fell out in love, I didn't let that affect my studies. I am very clear that I can't let my personal life get in the way of me doing my work. Everybody has his or her own responsibilities. The audience want to watch my dramas, not how I live my personal life.

R: Between family and career, which is more important?
F: It's like choosing between sleeping and eating. Both are equally important. One must know how to prioritise, and not sleep and eat at the same time.

R: Has making known your relationship affected your career?
F: No, it hasn't affected my career, but I'm irritated. I don't like being disturbed by the endless speculations on whether I have a boyfriend or not. During promotions, the Hong Kong media always try to pry into our personal lives. They don't even mention about how hard we artistes have to work. The media is really funny.

R: Are you used to it?
F: No, and I have to frequently eat on my bed!

- End of Fala's interview -

Evergreen Mak: Acting because of bread

R: Reporter
M: Evergreen Mak

R: In the past, you used to say that you haven't thought of getting any prize. Now that you have won the Best Supporting Actor award, what are your feelings?
M: I'm really very happy!! We were just playing during the initial part of the awards ceremony. When the Best Supporting Actress award was given out, my heart started to race. When the advertisements were played, I was thinking, if it really was me, what should I say? But no matter how much I thought, I still couldn't think of anything to say, because I was just too nervous! After that, people around me kept asking what I would say if I'm awarded. I told them that I couldn't think of anything to say, because I really blanked out. After that, Kenneth Ma told me to calm down and relax. When the results were announced, I felt as if I was drunk. My mind was totally blank, and after that, when the media interviewed me, I still felt that my stomach was hurting.

R: You have been in this industry for 20 over years. After being awarded this year, do you think that you can motivate the younger artistes to continue working hard?
M: I feel happier when I get the recognition from my own colleagues than being awarded. It is really hard to predict what would happen next. I want everybody to feel my happiness, feel happy that after so many years of hard work, it is finally being recognised. This award has not only been a source of recognition for me, but also a source of motivation for fellow artistes, not only for the juniors, but also the seniors. People like Henry Lee, Lee Kwok Lun, Ben Wong and Samuel Kwok; all of them have been doing and acting very well.

Willing to push away other offers in order to film good dramas
R: After being awarded, were there more money-making opportunities for you?
M: Yes, but because I'm now currently filming Thunder of the Forbidden City, so I have to go to Mainland China and film often. I have rejected about 20 to 30 offers. If I had the time, I would love to earn more money, but at the end of the day, all that I earn is to keep my rice bowl and family safe. If there is no TVB, there won't be me. However, there are now organisations that approach me to give talks about my life experiences and share them with the audience.

R: Do you wish for another chance to work together with Producer Lee Tim Shing?
M: I can't say, because everything depends on fate. In my 23 years in this industry, I've worked with Producer Lee for about 5 times. It is still best to let the company arrange for me.

R: Were you sad that No Regrets didn't get the Best Drama award?
M: Yes. I felt that it was really a shame, because everybody gave their all for this drama. If we could win, it'll be a perfect ending.

- End of Evergreen Mak's interview -

Everybody has a chance to fight
For every TVB awards ceremony, the battle for Best Actor and Best Actress are always intense, but you can always use your 10 fingers to predict who these people are; On the other hand, there is a wider range of competitors for the Best Supporting Leads awards. They include Ha Yu and Angela Tong for 2005, Wong Tak Bin and Shirley Yeung for 2006, Louis Yuen and Fala Chen for 2007, Wayne Lai and Tavia Yeung for 2008 and Michael Tse and Susan Tse for 2009. It can be seen that competition for the Best Supporting Leads awards is more intense!

- Credits to 腾讯娱乐

Comments: I agree that there are more competition for the Best Supporting Leads awards than for the Best Leads awards. xDD I wish Fala and Evergreen all the best in their future endeavours! =D


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