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Wayne and Sheren winning again becomes hottest news

| Thursday, December 30, 2010 | |

As the year comes to an end, the Hong Kong magazines have asked 30 artistes who are in the entertainment sector to pick the top 10 entertainment news of the year. They can choose form 12 categories of news, and pick the most representative news of the year. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang winning TV King and Queen again made it to the top with 20 votes; Stephan Chan, who was reinstated after being accused of corruption, came in a close second with 19 votes.

- Credits to TOM娱乐

Comments: Of course! Never before in BVT's 43 years on this Earth has there been repeat winners, more so for the same dramas! =D Sherayne is really something! ^^



  1. there is history of repeat winner before
    Gallen Lo win back-to-back in 1997 & 1998 ...

  2. @Anonymous Yup, I knew that Gallen Lo was the first actor to win back-to-back, but Sheren is the first actress ever to win back-to-back.

    What's more special is that both Wayne and Sheren won back-to-back for the "same" drama (by same I mean they have the same cast, same producer, and basically the same everything haha), so that's why it's such hot news. =)


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