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Mingpao Weekly #2204 - Carrying on the Rosy Business spirit

| Thursday, February 3, 2011 | |
No one can predict what happens when sparks of chemistry fly between Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang!

The male and female leads of the Rosy Business series were crowned their second Best Actor and Best Actress awards consecutively together, making history in the process. What is so special about these 2 is that, although they claim not to know each other very well and they have different personalities, but when they work together, the strong chemistry between them is undeniable. It is no wonder that the advertisers are willing to go all out to get this perfect on-screen couple together, even if it means persuading them for half a year. They are even required to film "bed scenes". This is certain to get the fans of Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong crazy!

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly


Comments: This will definitely satisfy fans of Sherayne! =D Both of them really look very at ease with each other! ^^ I really love how they look sooooo darn compatible with each other! When can we see them in a drama again??? =/


  1. hahah omg they're so cute!

  2. they are a very special "drama couple"

  3. @Anonymous Agree! I really want to see more of the both of them! <33333

  4. @PEISHAN Yes, I totally agree! They exude a kind of chemistry that is very rarely seen in on-screen couples nowadays. They are very "natural" with each other. <33333


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