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Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011

| Monday, February 7, 2011 | |
OK people! This is really very important, and your support is very, very greatly appreciated! So please please please, sign up for an account and VOTE NOW! If Wayne and Sheren win, they MAY VERY WELL come to Singapore to receive their awards! I'm sure many of you want to see them here, so do your part! ;) The awards will be presented on the 2nd April 2011, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!!!

This voting is open to all Singapore citizens or permanent residents. Voting runs from 7 February 2011 to 21 March 2011. This Voting Contest shall commence at 1159pm (Singapore time) on 7 February 2011 and end on midnight (Singapore time) on 21 March 2011. Submission of votes should reach us by 12 Midnight (Singapore time) on 21 March 2011.

Each person will be entitled to one online vote per category per day. There is no limit in the number of votes per person for voting via SMS (vote away, for those with unlimited SMSes xD). For SMS voting, each SMS costs 20cents, pre-paid card phone users are not eligible to participate and those below 18 years old must seek parental consent.

Please help to spread the word around in forums or whatnots, and get your family members to vote as well! One account per NRIC OK, so no point faking. =P

To vote for Sherayne, click HERE and choose K04 and K10! Don't click on the wrong people ah!

To vote for No Regrets, click HERE and choose M09! Don't click on the wrong drama ah!

Details on SMS voting. I assume most people here can read Chinese, so I won't bother to translate. Click to enlarge and see the details. xD

Vote for Sheren Tang!

Vote for Wayne Lai!

Vote for No Regrets (apparently the organisers have mixed Rosy Business and No Regrets up! -.-''')!



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