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Super Trio Game Master

| Friday, February 11, 2011 | |
Here's the Super Trio Game Master show that the No Regrets' people took part in last year. I'm terribly sorry for putting this up so late, because I just realised that I didn't post it up. xD

I will post more translated articles soon! ^^

Click here to watch the video!

Does anybody know how to embed Tudou videos? Apparently it showed up at first, then everybody couldn't see it after that! Just make do with clicking on the link to watch the video though!

- Credits to 永远爱koma62 of 义海豪情吧

Comments: Haha, this game show is really very very funny! And gosh, the part where they play 中及密码 was totally hilarious! xDDD Wayne is really very good at the finger-guessing game! =D


  1. I cant watch the video!!!

  2. Yeah, I can't watch it either! :(

  3. same ... nothing to watch?

  4. @All There were some problems with Tudou. I've uploaded the video again. See if you all can watch it! ;)

  5. TQVM for uploading this. I have been searching for so long. TQVM! I am great fans of No Regrets. I am missing it so much, hope Wayne and Sheren will have Rosy Business 3 again soon. Let's support RB 3, everyone!!!!


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