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Happy Chinese New Year!

| Thursday, February 3, 2011 | |
Hello everybody! I'm finally back from my reunion dinner! =D

I'm terribly sorry for not updating this blog, because I've been terribly busy, and there's not much news too. However, I do have some articles to translate, and a video to translate as well, but all these will be posted AFTER Chinese New Year all right! ^^

Haha, it's now nearly 12.30 am here, but I must be filial haha. Anyway, I can't really get to sleep because it's pretty cold now, so I shall go and leave my New Year wishes for the No Regrets' people! =)

Just a note though. I was browsing through Baidu, and I found out that Sheren MAY film a pre-modern drama in May together with Moses Chan, Bobby Au-yeung and Myolie Wu! If this is true, I'm really very happy, and is one of my New Year wish fulfilled! ^^ If this news is really true, I may set up a drama blog for this particular drama as well. Do come and continue to support if that is the case! =D

To all, be nice, and be good wor! =D


祝大家新年快樂,萬事如意! =)


  1. Hi Dreamlucky!

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    I've been reading your blog all this time but did not comment anything:P btw I really like your blog. I'm also a huge fan of No Regrets!!

    About Sheren filming a pre-modern drama, I also hope that it would come true. I miss seeing her on screen already, ever since the last episode of NR.

    新年快樂! 祝大家身體健康!

  2. @Anonymous Hello! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Your support is always appreciated, since I love knowing people who have the same interest as me. =P

    I hope that news is true as well, but from what I have read in my local newspapers, Sheren said that so far, she hasn't decided on a drama to film. If she can't decide on which drama to film, she will go on a holiday. xD I think I may post the article here soon!

    Once again, thanks for dropping by, and happy Chinese New Year to you too! =D


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