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Evergreen Mak wishes everyone Happy Birthday!

| Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | |
The 7th day of the Lunar New Year is termed as the "people's birthday", so having a birthday bun is definitely a must! Best Supporting Actor Evergreen Mak makes his own brithday buns, and wishes everyone good health, longevity and happiness.

All these years, Evergreen has been on the slightly obese side as he loves eating good foods, and the birthday bun is one of his favourite desserts. The ingredients for making birthday buns are simple. All you need are lotus paste, egg yolks, flour, sugar and colourings, and you can make your own birthday buns.

Evergreen learnt how to make the buns from the chef who were with him. His first bun did not really make the cut, but after some tips from the chef, he managed to make birthday buns that look like the bona fide birthday buns. Evergreen told our reporters, "A basket of buns need to be steamed for 10 minutes. After they have cooled, only then do we add in the colourings. Before we eat them, we have to steam for a further 15 minutes."

Wishes for audience to shout out his character's name
Although fat people are said to have a lot of good luck, but Evergreen says that he hasn't won a lucky draw before. However, his luck changed for the better ever since he won a golden zodiac ornament during last year's anniversary celebrations. After which, he wont the Best Supporting Actor award based on his role as Fei Fan Gor. He admitted that he received a lot last year. He has a new wish for the new year. He wishes that he will be able to film more dramas whereby his roles are so memorable that people will call out his character's name on the street, just like how No Regrets' Leung Fei Fan enabled him to get the recognition he deserves.

Evergreen said, "After so many years, I don't even know where I stand. At times, I would be playing the lead role. Otherwise, I would be a second, fifth or even a sixth-line artiste. I have never rejected any drama before even if the role is not big, unless it clashes with my schedule. It has hard to get a good drama as there are more than one person involved in making decisions. It is really my good fortune to be able to film a drama like No Regrets. People used to call me 'Mak Bao', but they are now calling me 'Fei Fan Gor', and I feel really happy!"

Evergreen's contract with TVB ends in June. He hasn't decided on whether to continue his contract with them or not, but if he has to sign on a TV company, it would be TVB. TVB may not be able to provide everything for Evergreen, but without TVB, Evergreen wouldn't have existed, so he is really thankful for all the chances that TVB has given him. He hopes that for the new year, he will be able to film more dramas in which he plays a memorable roles, earn more money and provide his family with a more comfortable life.

For Evergreen's recipe on making birthday buns, click on the link below to read more about it! ;)

- Credits to Singtao

Comments: Haha, Evergreen is really like Wayne in many aspects. Both of them never reject dramas unless their situation calls for it. ;) I wish Fei Fan Gor all the best for this future dramas. He's definitely one underrated actor who got his recognition a little too late. Well, better late than never! ^^



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