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Wayne Lai is the Fortune God, Sheren Tang learns to be sweeter

| Thursday, February 3, 2011 | |

Today is the first day of the new year. 2-time TV King Wayne Lai, who has been in luck, dressed up as the Fortune God, and wished all readers of Mingpao Weekly a wealthy and prosperous new year! Wayne has been very lucky. At the start of the Rabbit year, he has already gone to Canada to attend a concert in hope of making more money for the new year. This year, he has 2 grand productions, Forensic Heroes 3 and The Great Eunuch under his name, which are highly anticipated by many people. He may just have the chance to win the TV King award again! However, fame is not as important as family ties to Wayne. His biggest wish is that he is able to take leave to go on a holiday with his wife and son.

Wayne has been on a lucky streak from 2009 till now. He has numerous ads to film, various events to attend, and the money just keeps rolling in (thinks of Evita's And the Money Just Keeps Rolling In xDD). He agreed to our request, and dressed up as the Fortune God to wish everybody a wealthy and prosperous new year!

3-time TV King? It depends.
As a popular artiste in the entertainment sector, Wayne continues his winning streak by riding on both Rosy Business' Chai Gau's and No Regrets' Lau Sing's successes. After having the honour of being crowned TV King 2 times, does he hope to win his 3rd TV King based on his new drama Forensic Heroes 3 or The Great Eunuch, which is about to start filming, winning 3 TV King awards in a row? "It all depends on the timing, because competition is another factor to be taken into account. I think it's already enough for me to win 2 times! If I win again, I won't have any friends, and nobody in TVB will dare to ask me to film for them."

Ever since Chai Gau was a runaway hit, Wayne has been very busy with work. "I'm really very satisfied. I don't have high expectations. I feel really happy when I am able to go to Kowloon to eat breakfast with my wife, buy groceries and cook dinner at home. Now that I have finished paying off for my flat, I can concentrate on paying for my son's education. I am not ambitious, and I don't know how to speculate in stocks or properties. What gives me the biggest satisfaction is my work, which is acting.

Hopes for a long holiday to spend time with family
When asked about his plans and wishes for the Rabbit year, Wayne said, "I don't have any big plans. I just want to travel, because I have not had a proper holiday for 10 years. What I hope for this year is that I'm able to take a 2, 3-month leave to go on a holiday with my family."

Wayne Lai, the Fortune God, wishes all Mingpao Weekly readers a prosperous new year!

Wayne is holding a gold ingot. This year, he will continue to reap big rewards.

Wayne has gotten both fame and popularity, and has also won TV King 2 times.

Sheren Tang learns to be sweeter towards guys
After being TV Queen for 2 consecutive times, Sheren Tang's career is at a new peak. When asked about her wish for the new year, she said, "I hope that there will be a new outlook for the TV industry, and that everybody is employed." As for her relationships, Sheren laughed, "It doesn't necessarily have to be love (Don't you want to be sweet to someone?). I just learnt how to be sweeter, because I have been independent since young, so I tend to be a bit crude when I speak. My ex-boyfriends said that I don't know how to be sweeter. For the past 2 years, I have been living with my mother, so I get some tips from her. I am an artiste, so of course I know how to be gentle when I need to, but when it comes to real life, I have to be more open-minded. I'm practising what I have learnt so far, so please give me time."

Sheren Tang wishes that everybody is employed in the new year.

On the other hand, Sheren met up with Anthony Wong and a few others at Happy Valley. Sheren received our email and said, "Actually, I knew Anthony in the past. That night, he told me that I'm his junior, because he used to attend training classes as well. We ate as we talked, and were rather reluctant to leave after that."

Sheren met up with Anthony for a meal.

Sheren, who has been so successful in her career, is hoping that she finds her Mr Right soon as well.

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly


Comments: Sherayne really looks very busy now! Hopefully they will get time off to do what they want to do though. Wayne should deserve his long break. He has been working tirelessly since he became popular. Will he get his break after filming The Great Eunuch? He and his family can come to Singapore for a holiday heehee! ^^

And may Sheren find her Lau Sing soon! =D


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