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Thoughts on Episode 25

| Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | |
I love, and hate this episode at the same time. Episode 25 COULD HAVE been another great episode. Nearly everything was good, except for the stupidity of the script in the middle of the episode. -.-'''

I really didn't like the part where Ching Ching, Yeung Yeung and Pai Guat were throwing the buns over the fence! I blame it on the script-writer. I don't mind if they threw the first few buns over the fence, since they probably never expected a mad rush for the buns. But when the prisoners rushed over, they should have just passed the bun to Gau Mui through the holes in the fence. I'm pretty sure the bun would have gotten through! >.< But then again, I think Gau Mui's bun would have been snatched away by those people again. -.-'''

But I like this scene as well (if I ignore the flaws), because it really showed the true nature of the people. People can do anything just to survive. That's what I like about this drama as well, because it really portrays what people went through at that time. I can really feel for them. Though there were not many scenes on the Japanese soldiers ill-treating them, but they, as famished prisoners who have been forced into hard labour, would just do anything just to survive and see their country regain the glory it once had.

By the way, the conditions of the concentration camp was quite different from what my impression of it was! o.O''' I expected worse conditions. Hmm, and it's quite surprising that they actually allowed visitors. ._. Maybe this is a concentration camp for people who went against the Japanese, but had higher social status than the rest of the common folks. Maybe that is why the conditions of the concentration camp didn't look all that bad to me. =P

The guy who flashed the "victory" sign... I feel really sad that he could not get to see his country triumph against the Japanese, but then again, he died knowing that his country would be victorious soon. Very nice effect here... It feels really very movie-like...

I really feel very sad for Gau Mui. My heart aches for Gau Mui. Everybody in Dong Tai (except for Chow Tit) has turned against her. She is dying from malaria. I really love the letter that she wrote to Lau Sing at the end of the episode. It was really a very sad, but poignant moment. I realised how much I missed 4th Wife's diary-reading moments! ^^ Ching Ching's diary-reading moments totally pale in comparison to 4th Wife's and Gau Mui's. =) That's the power of Sheren Tang! ^^

Dang, next episode looks epic! More more, I want more! ^^



  1. true. i agree completely with you about the repeatedly throwing food over the fence. it's not like they were trying to give her solid, rock stuff. it's probably stuffed rice or something soft which can be squeezed or broke and slip through the fence.

  2. OH MY GOSH is that old man at the end of this episode LAU SING????? AHHH he's going to save her! LOL *faints* whoohoo

  3. @Anonymous I think that part was meant to show how weak and powerless Gau Mui was, but apparently, it made Ching Ching, Yeung Yeung and Pai Guat look stupid haiz.

    And omg, I really love how Lau Sing appeared to save our dear Gau Mui! I really love these 2! ^^


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