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Thoughts on Episode 31 and 32

| Monday, November 29, 2010 | |
Oh-my-gawd! I can't believe that I've just watched the ending for No Regrets. 7 words: Absolutely no regrets in watching this drama. =D Actually, I think this post would be more on my own thoughts than thoughts of the episodes. xD

就算係相處時間得一秒鍾, 都已經係一生一世。

The above quote aptly describes both Ching Yeung's and Sing Gau's relationships.

There were many, many touching scenes that make tears well up in my eyes. I really admire how Lau Sing and Gau Mui stood by each other no matter what. 30 years is definitely not a short time. But their one moment together is a moment of eternity. I simply love it. =)

I'm not going to say much, because I'm still in a loss. I can't believe that from today onwards, I won't have a drama to look forward to. Since 18th October 2010, I've been diligently watching this drama and recording down what I thought of each episode even though I was preparing for my As. But as I watched the countdown timer tick by last night, a sense of sadness overwhelmed me. About one year has passed since I finished watching Rosy Business and anticipating No Regrets' broadcast. Everything related to No Regrets has become part and parcel of my life for this whole year. I even signed up for Weibo just to stalk the No Regrets' cast members. xD And I agree with what the people in the Hong Kong forum say - I see in them, very strong teamwork and unity, something which I rarely see in other dramas. It shows in the drama itself, because all of them exhibit chemistry together (maybe due to collaborating with each other in Rosy Business). I'm pretty sure that they all had fun filming with each other. Even Tim Gor said, the third and fourth-line artistes also gave their all, and this is evident, because I really saw it myself.

I enjoy this drama, and I enjoy penning down my thoughts and sharing them with you people! Lastly, I would like to thank you guys for your support (in one way or another). It's been nice knowing you people and knowing your thoughts on this drama! =D

This drama definitely lives up to its English title, "No Regrets", and its Chinese title, 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情. To be honest, I thought the English name was pretty cheesy at first, but after watching the ending, I must say that it fits this drama very well. Have no regrets in doing whatever you want to do - that's the message of this drama. 義海豪情 - I really love how the various characters in this drama stood up to fight against the Japanese, stood up to help each other in times of need. And they dared to love despite all odds. It's really 今生無憾 for them. A very fitting closure to this drama, in my opinion. ='(

Next Sunday will be TVB's Award ceremony. 義氣仔女們, we shall continue to support No Regrets. I will continue to post anything related to No Regrets in this blog as long as there's news, so fret not, this blog won't die even when the drama ends. =)

但願人長久, 千里共蟬娟!

myTV views for last night! Another new record! ^^




  1. I finished watching the last episode just now, and I MUST say that this drama was exceptionally well done! Great cast and great storyline. Lots of meaning. Like you, I'll definitely miss looking forward to watching more episodes! Hopefully TVB keeps up the good work!

  2. could you please write a recap for 31, 32. I watch with english sub and it's only up to 20 :0.
    I saw the ending and some of the events but of course don't understand anything.

    I thought lau sing and gau mui have a child together (as in beginning of the drama), but they never seem to be together so isn't that child adopted?

  3. @Anonymous Unfortunately, I do not see any good TVB dramas coming up for 2011, so I think I'm going to continue with my Korean dramas. =( I'm only interested in Wayne Lai's eunuch drama, because it seems very interesting, and the cast is strong, but don't think I'll get to see it until 2012. So, till then!

    I'm glad you enjoyed No Regrets as much as I did too! ^^

  4. @Anonymous Haha, Mandy will be in-charge of doing the recaps. xD But I can tell you what's going on.

    Lau Sing and Gau Mui did not have a child together. The "grand-daughter" that you see in the first episode is actually a child that Gau Mui adopted (the young girl that you see in the last episode) from the orphanage. xD

    You can say that they kind of got together in the end. Their relationship seemed a bit ambiguous to me, but I don't doubt that they love each other very much! <3

  5. I will truly miss this page a lot. Thanks for sharing. Although not every of people who visited this page commented, but I am sure a lot of people enjoyed all your post.
    Thanks for all your effort. One year of complete information was not easy. Thank you very much. This webpage is Awesome!! I will miss No Regrets.

    I cried for the entire last episode. Cant believe I cried that much. I didn't know why I was crying but I just felt that I went through time with the characters. And at the end, I felt that I was part of the story, I could feel all their emotions. I felt that I was old too and that I´ve been through everything with them; I felt that I was one of them. The love between 醒&九 in the story was very deep and very strong. I love their story line.

    I love this drama. Is one of the best. In fact, I think it´s the best I´ve ever seen so far. Very realistic. Very passionate. Although they didnt had a lot of cheesy scenes, I could feel their strong love. Their dialogs was awesome. Their costumes fitted exactly with the setting. Everything was so well done. This was a first class drama. I enjoyed so much watching this.

    Cant deny I enjoyed watching "cant buy my love" (公主嫁到), but it really cant compare to No regrets. No Regrets was so much more meaningful. So I gave my vote to No Regrets.


  6. @Laura Thanks for sharing your thoughts Laura, and thanks for dropping by and leaving a message! =D

    Yes, this drama makes me feel that I've been with the characters for like over 30 years... We watch them live, love and die. It's pretty sad, but this is life. =)

    I think it's good that they didn't have any cheesy scenes. I think that would have ruined the drama. o.O''' But Sing Gau were really very cute, which makes me adore them more! =D

    And I can say that everybody gave their all for this drama! =)

  7. really great movie..i just finished watch it..can anyone tell me, what is the title of the song at the end of 32?i heard that song many times,really nice song.
    Hopefully TVB always make a great effort like this drama..

  8. @Anonymous Haha, the title of the ending song is Red Butterfly. It is the theme song for Rosy Business, which is the indirect prequel of No Regrets. =) Very beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics ya! ^^

  9. Now I understand why the bench scene comes after lau sing lay down onto gau mui's shoulder while looking at the sunset...

    That means Lau Sing passed away first, and he will wait for Gau Mui in heaven..really nice flow and combination :) touching!! ahhh

  10. Thank you for your thoughts and constant update on this wonderful series. I think I will be going through a withdraw now that this is over.

    However, I will like to say, wow...this episode 31 really show how Lau Sing's love for Gau Mui is stronger than the feelings he got for his ex-wife. With his ex-wife, he is not willing to give up his career when his wife asked him to move to another city. With Gau Mui, he said he would go where she wanted him to go, and in this situation, Lau Sing actually is going to give up a promotion to go with her.

    Sure...Ching Ching is no longer alive, but Lau Sing in the past would be willing to move, in a blink of an eye, to a new location if he could save his sister. When it was with Gau Mui, he was reluctant and had told Gau Mui he was still thinking when she shoved the doctor's information to him on Episode 28th.

  11. @min Agree! I love the way they filmed that particular scene! =D

  12. @Anonymous Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for sharing your thoughts! ^^

    I know that Lau Sing loves Gau Mui, but do you think that Lau Sing did love his wife? =P

  13. To Dreamlucky,

    Within the first nine episodes, yes, he loves his wife. He is willing to sacrifice his pride to let his ex-wife know that she has married a horrible person, Fei Fan. Episode 10 after, it is Gau Mui all the way. :) Who do you think he likes better when he was in love with these two women (at different timeline of his life)?

  14. @Anonymous Haha duh, of course it's Gau Mui! ^^ He's even willing to wait for her if he passed away first. <3

    And haha, do you think Lau Sing already liked Gau Mui before he divorced Dong Nei? He seems to care a lot about what Gau Mui's opinions and what Gau Mui thought of him. No wonder Dong Nei is pissed LOL! xD

  15. Dear Dreamlucky,

    I don't think he liked Gau Mui before he divorced Dong Nei. Up to episode 9, Lau Sing still doesn't trust her. He only helped her out because there wasn't any way he could open Dong Nei's eye to Fei Fan's evil deed. In episode ten, when he was waiting in the rain with Gau Mui, he said he didn't know what kind of person she is because she was giving him the cold shoulder sometimes, yet nice to him sometimes. He had no clue what kind of person she is and is kind of scared of he said, she is a scary person. :)

    The turning point of their relationship occurs in episode 10 when Gau Mui asked him to manipulate the tape. Even then, he doesn't want to do anything with her until she told him what she said that will get her killed. That is when he started to worry about her. So...before that, nope...he doesn't like her because 1. She is not his world kind of person, and 2. She is unpredictable.

    However, after episode 10, it is hard to tell who falls in love with who Do you know who likes who first?

  16. @Anonymous Haha, you're really good at analysing Sing Gau's relationship! ^^ But there was a part in the church (I think that was before they both went to Hong Kong to save Lai Wah. Around episode 11?) where both of them were seeing each other haha.

    Then Lau Sing said that he thought Gau Mui likes him or something. That was so cute of him, especially his shy look LOL! xDDDDD So from this, I was thinking that Lau Sing got attracted to Gau Mui first. =P

    In the poll which I conducted, more people thought that Lau Sing likes Gau Mui first, but the other option came in a close second. So... I don't know. xDDD

    I think Lau Sing's fear of Gau Mui is mixed with "attraction" lol. Or should I say, his attraction to Gau Mui is further fuelled by his fear of her? She keeps making use of him, but to me, it seems that Lau Sing is not particularly angry. In fact, I feel that although he's not a willing party, he doesn't really mind her using him as well. xD

    Gau Mui is doubt a very charismatic and attractive woman LOL! =3

  17. Dear Dreamlucky,

    Aww...I missed the poll. But I think that part, where Lau Sing said he thought she liked him, was cute and funny too. That part was brought back again in Episode what Lau Sing said when Fei Fan took Ching Ching hostage? When Gau Mui asked Wong Look what Lau Sing said, his reaction was cute and funny. He was shy and still scared of her (because of what she did in the past when he said bad things about her...he got beat up once and held at gun point once)

    Actually, I never think of this topic until I asked you the question. After reading what you wrote, I think Gau Mui falls for him first. It was admiration for his character (Episode 3 for his friendship toward Pai Guat, Episode 9 for his willingness to forsake his pride for Dong Nei and his righteousness to uphold law no matter what, Episode 5 for his quick thinking that helps Gau Mui out by lying about Choi Hing's "death") that caused Gau Mui to seek him out and eventually reveal her secret, a secret she wouldn't reveal to anyone.

    And when Lau Sing discovered how she was going to help the Japanese, he abandoned her (totally ignoring her when she was talking to him) in Episode 17 even though he knew she was doing this to help people out. It was only through the effort of Gau Mui which caused him to finally open up to her again...and even then, he abandoned her again when Ching Ching's situation occurred in episode 18. In episode 19, he ignored her when he ran into her when Ching Ching was released from the hospital...however, Gau Mui already became reliant on him as she called him when she was addicted to opium. Lau Sing...on the other hand, did not contacted her until he noticed something was off with her.

    So...that is why I think Gau Mui liked him first. Up till episode 18 (the part where Lau Sing block the bullet for Gau Mui), I've always thought of his treatment toward Gau Mui is similar to Pai Guat (out of friendship). Lol...And yes, Gau Mui is no doubt a very charismatic and attractive woman. Lau Sing is also a handsome, brave, and cool :)

  18. @Anonymous Hmm, you may be right. =P I can see that Gau Mui admired the way Lau Sing handled things. xD Although she keep making use of him, but she wasn't that vicious when she's dealing with Lau Sing.

    I love how Lau Sing and Gau Mui are always there for each other, even though at those times, Lau Sing may not have liked Gau Mui (in the romantic sense). =P

    But I did feel that Lau Sing got attracted to her, especially when he was confessing in episode 14/15. His face really turned red and he got so panicky when he heard Chow Tit say that they could hear Fei Fan's voice haha. xD That was so cute of him! ^^

    When do you think that Lau Sing really liked Gau Mui? Episode 23?

  19. Dear Dreamlucky,

    I know...episode 14/15 was funny when Gau Mui asked Wong Look what did Lau Sing said. He looked so shy and scared of her when he explained his answer.

    I thought he liked her on Episode 13, when Ching Ching said that Lau Sing liked to tell more jokes when Gau Mui was here. He liked to make her happy, but then he pulled a stunt on Episode 17, where he ignored her completely even though he knew that she was working with the Japanese for the benefit of all people. Episode 18 is when I think their feelings for each other is fairly established (there is no doubt toward both of their feelings). Lau Sing said he never expected to block a bullet for someone, and yet he did it for her. Gau Mui risked her life to run back to him even though she knew the sniper is after her. However, Lau Sing is still able to abandon her at the end of Episode 18. Episode 19, after Gau Mui told him several times to leave her alone because he is not of her world, is when he overstep his boundary between friends...because he knows the risk and is willing to face the risk.

    Lau Sing is hard to guess because his actions always go back and forth...and his actions are not as open as Gau Mui's feeling (Episode 28, when he was planning to go to Nanking, Gau Mui's actions--watching him walk away, turning back to look at him--show she liked him whereas he is more subtle--hinting that Ching Ching doesn't want to leave...or in Episode 31, Gau Mui asking him to do business with her because she wants him to be with her, but Lau Sing wanted to know how she knows he is good with Admiration is there between them since Dong Nei's incident (Lau Sing admiration for Gau Mui for his misunderstanding with Choi Hing's incident and Gui Mui ingenious planning toward Fei Fan Gor; Gau Mui's admiration for Lau Sing by his dealing with Dong Nei's incident and his friendship with Pai Guet) but I guess it isn't until episode 18 when their feelings bypass friendship to love.

  20. @Anonymous Haha, I really love reading your comments! =D

    I was rewatching No Regrets yesterday, and yes, in episode 9, when Lau Sing was dealing with Fei Fan Gor, I saw how Gau Mui reacted. It wasn't the usual smirk that she usually has, but admiration and sadness for Lau Sing, because he has to go through all the humiliation (by saying that his wife left him because she loves another man. Pretty big blow to his ego, especially when he has such a big one). Absolutely beautiful. =P

    Gau Mui and Lau Sing share such a unique relationship. They never really confessed that they loved each other, but their actions actually speak louder than love itself, which makes it even more heart-wrenching. All these little actions and eye expressions make their relationship even more beautiful.

    Really, kudos to the script-writers. *salutes*

    By the way, the scene you mentioned in episode 28. If you did listen to Eileen Cha's interview, there were viewers who were so sad that Lau Sing didn't turn back to look at Gau Mui when Gau Mui was looking at him. Haha, Wayne said that he didn't know that Gau Mui would be looking at him until he watched that episode on TV itself. xD

    So, that's the script-writers ploy? o.O''' It worked, nevertheless. xD

  21. Dear Dreamlucky,

    Lol...I love reading your comments and thoughts as well.

    Quoting from you: "Gau Mui and Lau Sing share such a unique relationship. They never really confessed that they loved each other, but their actions actually speak louder than love itself, which makes it even more heart-wrenching. All these little actions and eye expressions make their relationship even more beautiful."

    That all goes to the wonderful acting of Sheren and Wayne...Kudos to them for their awesome acting. I was just rewatching Journey to the West I, and Wayne has come a long way from what he was in the past till now (especially the chemistry he shared with his co-actress are nothing in comparison to

    Also, I didn't listen to Eileen Cha's interview...unfortunately. I did watch the most recent ones, and in one of the interview, Sheren and Wayne said that they don't discuss about the scenes with each other at all. I guess, that is why Wayne do not know that she was looking back, but yet, he is able to portray that scene well. I wonder, was the "looking back" scene added by Sheren (as some actors and actresses modify the scene as they see fit for their character) or did the script writers had it planned originally? Or maybe the producer saw Sheren doing this and thought that would be a wonderful addition when they were editing the scene? However, I agree with was great and it worked. :) It got audience talking, nonetheless. :)

  22. @Anonymous Sheren and Wayne no doubt, deserve their Best Actress and Best Actor awards again! =D I didn't really take notice of Wayne until I watched Rosy Business, which definitely marked the BIG CHANGE in his career. After watching Rosy Business, it felt pretty weird to see him in supporting roles, especially when my country airs BVT shows that date back 2, 3 years ago. xD His acting has all along been marvellous. He just needed a role that makes him stand out, and Chai Gau was THE role! ^^

    I was watching the behind-the-scenes interview for Rosy Business. Sheren does add in her own "scenes" whenever she sees fit. So long as the director and producer agree, then she'll go ahead with it. She really brings a lot of depth into the drama with all these little gestures.

    As to whether it was originally planned, I guess we have to wait and see whether the behind-the-scenes interview for No Regrets will come out or not. xD

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hiiii, I really want you to read my comment but really don't know if you will...
    You're Chinese right? Can you read lips? While watching the final episode, I couldn't help noticing that Gau Mui said something before she died. Her lips moved slightly along with her teary eyes. I suspect it was 'dang ngo' - 'wait for me', but I don't speak Chinese. PLEASE! DO YOU KNOW WHAT DID SHE SAY?


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