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Recap: Episode 4 - Long Hei Dissatisfied With Gau Mui

| Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | |
Note: I have started to keep my screenshots in full HD (1280 x 720 dimensions) so feel free to click on them to enlarge if you want to save any. ^^

Just as Long Guan is about to kill Pai Guat, Gau Mui spots a man with a crooked neck at the back of the room. She stops Long Guan and commands Zhou Tit and Ah Sum to close all the exits of the hall so that no one can enter or leave. She then asks Pai Guat to see if he can recognize anyone he knows in the room. If he can't point out the real killer, then he will have to die. Both Long Guan and Long Hei are confused by Gau Mui's interruption but they let her continue. Pai Guat searches the room with Lau Sing's help... Finally he sees the man with the crooked neck and points him out. The man accused is pointed out to be Siu Git's accountant for many years, Choi Hing. Dai Fung is angered by the ridiculous notion that Choi Hing would kill his own employer. But with no hesitation at all, Choi Hing admits that he is the killer, shocking everyone in the room. He tells Long Guan that he is ready to die for his crime but wanted to let him know that his precious son fully deserved it. Choi Hing recounts the story of his wife's death. She was 2 months pregnant when he brought her to live with him from the rural areas of China. But one day at his office, Siu Git saw her and then sent Choi Hing off on a 3 day business trip. When the trip didn't pan out, Choi Hing returned home and saw that Siu Git had raped his wife during this time. Siu Git threatened him and warned him not to tell anyone. Choi Hing's wife, under great stress and depression, committed suicide soon after. The mood in the room is sombre after the tale and many people, including Gau Mui, have tears in their eyes.

Back at Ju Long Lei, everyone is gathered around the dinner table eating dog meat hot pot. Lau Sing tells Pai Guat about how they came to live here. Apparently they were all neighbors back in the countryside but one day in the middle of the night, a great fire happened and they had to run away. Mrs Yeung chides them all and tells them they were far better off than her. Her house was nice and she could have made quite a bit of money renting out the rooms but when they all came knocking on her door with no money but begging for help and a place to stay, she accepted out of the goodness of her heart. Slowly, they all came to live at Ju Long Lei and brought her and Yeung Yeung a lot of warmth and good times. Under the coaxing of everyone, she finally agrees to rent out one of the remaining two beds to Pai Guat as well.

Long Guan continues to have nightmares about Siu Git, who begs his father to take revenge for him. Scared and angry, Long Guan finally can't control it anymore and goes downstairs wanting to kill Choi Hing who is being held in the basement of the house. Long Hei, Siu Hong, and Dai Fung struggle to stop him. They insist that because everyone knows about what happened, they will not approve if Long Guan just kills him now. Long Hei swears that they will find evidence that Choi Hing is lying about Siu Git, then they will be able to take revenge fair and square. At this time, Gau Mui interrupts and tells Long Guan that Long Hei's plan will lead to death and only her own plan will succeed. Long Guan trusts Gau Mui and is fully convinced to let her take care of the situation. Long Hei is once again bitter about Gau Mui's power over Long Guan.
Gau Mui invites all of Dong Tai's men and also Fei Fan and the policemen to attend Siu Git's funeral ceremony. To everyone's surprise, she then brings in Choi Hing. She stops Dai Fung from killing him then proceeds to give Choi Hing $300 and lets him go. She tells him his old scores with the Cheng family will now be completely written off and neither of them owes the other anything more. Long Hei is infuriated by the idea and along with the rest of the Dong Tai people fight against Gau Mui. Gau Mui easily takes care of this show of mutiny by offering a gun to some of the brothers and seeing if they would actually be willing to shoot Choi Hing then and there. None have the guts to do it, which completely proves her point. At this time, Long Guan enters and proclaims that he respects Gau Mui's decision. Choi Hing's handcuffs are taken off and he leaves. Gau Mui takes Long Guan's arm to leave but when they get out of the room, he shakes off her arm without a word, obviously displeased with her.
Lau Sing picks up his wife, Dong Lei, from the train station. When they return to Ju Long Lei, everyone puts in a good word for Lau Sing to Dong Lei, showing her how much he cares for her and how much he has missed her. They insist that fighting between couples is normal but it should be over now. Besides, Lau Sing isn't taking their money to gamble or go to brothels, just helping his sister's illness. Dong Lei admits that she was wrong in caring so much about money and the couple make up again. Later in their room, Dong Lei reveals that she wants them to move to Macau permanently. She has a relative there who owns a bakery and would like they two of them to go help out. Lau Sing wholeheartedly disagrees because he wants to keep being a police detective, something that he is good at. Dong Lei starts to get frustrated and reveals that he still has his job at the station because everytime he gets into trouble, she goes to beg and bribe Fei Fan, who is an old friend and neighbor of hers. At the mention of Fei Fan, Lau Sing gets even more annoyed and the couple starts fighting again.
On the street, Lau Sing runs into Choi Hing who tells him he's leaving Guangzhou and apologizes for almost getting him and Pai Guat killed. However Lau Sing then sees a car drive by and a few men grab Choi Hing and force him on. Lau Sing hijacks a bike from someone on the streets and follows the car up into the mountains. At the top of the mountain, it is revealed that Gau Mui is the one who's captured him. With Long Guan and Zhou Tit watching, she has him killed to take revenge for Siu Git. Choi Hing's body is thrown off the side of the cliff and they all leave. Lau Sing hears the gun shots and climbs up to the main road where he sees Gau Mui's car. His terrified gaze meets her indifferent one as she drives by. When he runs up to the top of the mountain, all that is left is some pieces of paper money for the dead lying in a pool of blood...
After the pleased Long Guan gets home, Long Hei shows him a proposal that Siu Hong has written up. Much to her surprise however, Long Guan takes back his earlier agreement to let Siu Hong take over Siu Git's opium den business. Instead, he orders him to continue learning the ropes from Gau Mui. Because of the drastic mistakes Siu Hong made in the past, he has not been allowed to touch the family's business for the past 3 years. Long Guan reasons that he needs time to learn and take things step by step until Gau Mui says he's ready. Long Hei and Dai Fung are incredulous but Siu Hong continues to endure and accepts his father's decision.

Later that night, Long Hei barges into Gau Mui's room completely disgruntled. Long Hei asks her if she came back 10 years ago to be family or to be a thief. She accuses Gau Mui of snatching and stealing whatever she likes from the family: money, spotlight, power, prestige... All in all, she's just a woman who takes things. A total thief. Gau Mui's attitude is casually aloof and she tells Long Hei that everything she has she got with her own strength and abilities. She is not a thief who steals in secret, just someone who is obviously grabbing things. Gau Mui says that if Long Hei has the ability, then she should just take back the things she thinks belong to her. Long Hei warns her that she won't be lucky forever. If she keeps stealing things, one of these days she'll have her hands cut off as punishment.
Lau Sing and his team ride their bikes through the streets of Guangzhou. Lau Sing warns them of women, saying that they are scary creatures who can change mood at any time. Suddenly, Ching Ching appears. She secretly returned from Hong Kong fully healed of her illness. Back at Ju Long Lei, they all have dinner, except Dong Lei who has a headache but Ching Ching knows she's actually angry and that they have been fighting again. Later Ching Ching and Yeung Yeung go out to buy congee for Dong Lei. Ching Ching finds out from Yeung Yeung that the reasons behind the fighting are Ching Ching's tuition money and hospital fees. When she gets back home, she apologizes to Dong Lei for being the reason for their fighting. She assures them that she's all healed and shows them her top scores from school, telling them she'll never forget how much they have done for her. Dong Lei is touched by her understanding and her and Lau Sing make up for real this time.
Long Hei holds a meeting with Gau Mui and the rest of Dong Tai. She announces that all 630 employees of the opium den business have resigned. Their resignation letters are like a small mountain on top of the table. Dai Fung shreds a contract that they had with an opium provider that had promised to sell opium to Dong Tai for 30% off. Long Hei once again states that Gau Mui is not part of the family and she doesn't treat them like family so they have no reason to treat her as such either. Making all the employees resign is a ploy to make her fail at the business and treat her like she treated Siu Git when he took over the lottery. Suddenly, Long Guan walks in, casually acting like he doesn't care what they're doing. He dismisses the Dong Tai people and orders Long Hei to take back all the letters. She refuses and finally reveals the real reasons behind her constant attacking of Gau Mui - she does not believe she is the real Gau Mui, the real daughter of Long Guan who had been kidnapped some 10 years ago. She warns Long Guan that Gau Mui would kill off anyone who tries to stop her from taking things, even Long Guan himself...


  1. Wow! The screenshots are really big! =D Haha, how come you can get such clear screenshots? Envy envy! >.<

  2. I always download/watch the episodes in HD 720p so screencapping from them is big and high quality by default. ^^


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