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Thoughts on Episode 23

| Thursday, November 18, 2010 | |
Oh my! This episode is really very, very sad and touching. ='( Oh, and intense as well! This drama really gets better and better as the episodes go by. ^^

Oh my oh my! I can only use 戲假情真 to describe this episode, especially the part where Gau Mui lied her way through in order to see Lau Sing. What she said was all lies, but when she said, "Lau Sing, what will happen to me if you die?", the background music totally changed and that was when I knew Gau Mui was feeling true. Gosh, this pair is really going to drive me crazy! That HUG - that hug we've been waiting for since episode 1, the hug we've been waiting for it to materialise ever since Rosy Business aired last year, totally made my jaw dropped and made me squeal! It was so strong, so firm, and so full of feelings! <3 I really love these 2, I really do, and it makes me sad to see that both of them can't bear to part with each other. It makes me even sadder when I know that I would probably not see these 2 act together again. ='(

Does Tetsuya like Gau Mui? He looked very jealous and sounded very angry when Gau Mui said that Lau Sing is her man. <3
And I'm not sure of what to think about Tetsuya's brother... He did look very creepy, but when Ching Ching offered herself to him, not only did he not take advantage of her, he also walked out of the room himself. So? Comments on him, anybody? =/
Oh yes, I have to comment on Gau Mui's trench-coat when she was able to shoot Lau Sing! xD It looks so damn pretty on her! <3 But heehee, how come fashion in the 1940s already look so much like fashion now? xD Gau Mui's wearing the trench-coat that I saw at Mango 2 years back! She makes me feel like buying it even more even though it costs nearly $300 and I have practically no use for it. >.<
Credits to ecwy from the Hong Kong discussion forum for the super sweet and intense GIF that got me squealing. ^^

Love these 2, I really do! <3

9 more episodes before this great drama ends. ='(

P.S. I think there's some problem with my Cbox, because I can't view the messages, so I may take a while before I reply them! Sorry! >.< Otherwise, you can always leave comments on the posts themselves. It's all right now! ^^

P.P.S. The music played when the credits rolled really rocks! I wonder if g-girl has uploaded it or not! ^^



  1. It's interesting how my feelings resemble yours! They're exactly what I think! Even for the trechcoat matter. XD
    I just never expected they would express their feelings and hug for the first time in this way! OH MY! LOVE THEM! Best onscreen couple ever!

  2. @Olivia Yeah! I really love them too! <3 I won't ever get sick of seeing them, I think. I hope they can shoot more ads together even if they won't collaborate with each other again. ^^ I hope to see more happening between Lau Sing and Gau Mui! <3 Satisfy we crazy shippers. xD


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