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Thoughts on Episode 12

| Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | |
Aww, this episode was totally awww... <3 I really love the Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes! Gau Mui is really very cute when she's with Lau Sing! AHHH!!! And hmm, I think she likes Lau Sing too, but I don't really see much about her liking Lau Sing, apart from the fact that she keeps finding him in the church. xD But I can really tell that Lau Sing likes Gau Mui. How he looked distracted, how concerned he was about Gau Mui... Aww Lau Sing! <3 He was looking at Gau Mui when she took out her mirror to see how swollen her face had become, then Gau Mui looked super shy! Gau Mui was really very sweet-looking and cute in this part. *^^* *#&$^, these people are going to drive me mad ah!!! >.<

Gau Mui is so cute here! ^^

- Credits to ecwy of for the GIF

And the last scene of episode 12... Rosy Business deja vu again! o.O''' I still remember which episode of Rosy Business it was from: ending of episode 10. Hmm, but it's just that I thought Rosy Business's scene was much more intense and well, I prefer the Rosy Business's one. But Lau Sing is really very manly wor! ^^

*&^$#*, FEI FAN ESCAPED! THE JAPANESE HAVE ARRIVED! Long Gwan doesn't want to become a traitor! Episode 13 looks very intense! I hope it's really as intense as it looks! ^^

What are your thoughts of this episode? Feel free to leave down your comments, but no bashing or comments that offend other people! Thanks! ^^

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  1. Omg, the swollen face and her embarrassment about it were just about the cutest thing ever... The one time she let her guard down in front of him or anyone else. I think that says a lot about what's to come... Looking forward to episode 13!

  2. @Mandy Yes, I think Gau Mui only lets down her guard in front of Lau Sing, because she can only trust Lau Sing! <3 Gosh, I really love how their relationship is developing! *fangirl-ing in process* Gau Mui is really very cute, and Lau Sing is really very sweet ah! <3


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