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There is a Gau Mui in Hong Kong

| Friday, November 19, 2010 | |
While I was at the gym, I caught the last 15 minutes of episode 19 of No Regrets, so I felt the need to watch episode 20 so as to satisfy my curiosity. After watching that, I will continue to watch the remaining 10 episodes - No, I have not lost to TVB. I've lost to Sheren Tang.

Even though I couldn't be bothered about TV dramas now, I have to admit that the last scene in episode 20 was really intense! Sheren's acting skills is really way beyond what you call good. This kind of drama, this kind of character - only Sheren has the right and experience to play such a role. Be it whether she said "Go ask Hades to bow to you!" or the smile that she gave at the end of the episode, these are not just acting alone. It is what she has gone through for the previous half of her life. She had to grow up in a broken family, loved somebody who was already married, endure setbacks in her acting career. All these have culminated in her brilliant acting skills today which everybody recognises today. When God arranges for you to suffer, it seems like He has other plans as well.

Sheren is still very strong. When the newspapers reported that she rejected TVB and increased her pay during the filming of No Regrets, she also hinted that she won't be coming back for the awards ceremony unless she got the Best Actress award. Sheren doesn't have any illustrious background to speak of, and she doesn't have the backing of big companies like TVB. She doesn't have a husband who's a millionaire, nor is she the mistress of a rich tycoon. Still, she is able to say "No!" to a TV company that has monopolised the TV industry in Hong Kong. That "One woman against the world" attitude truly fits Gau Mui, and belongs to Gau Mui alone.

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Comments: Yeah go, Gau Gu Leong! =D I love you! <3 Sheren ftw! ^^



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