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If No Regrets loses to Dae Jang Geum

| Monday, November 29, 2010 | |

According to the media, both the final episodes of Someday and No Regrets were aired at TVB City yesterday. Everybody hopes that No Regrets will beat Korean drama Dae Jang Geum's record of 50 points. Sheren Tang said, "If the ratings can't beat Dae Jang Geum, I will write Cheng Gau Mui backwards." Wayne Lai also added, "My name, Lau Sing, will also be written backwards."

Thankful to TVB for such an arrangement
Sheren Tang has returned to Hong Kong many times in order to promote No Regrets, although this comes at the expense of her making more money. When asked whether TVB is trying to promote No Regrets, she said, "This arrangement is not bad. I'm going to ask the 3000 disciples of Dong Tai to vote for me!" When asked whether she's going to treat the TVB executives to dinner in order to garner votes, she said, "I just said hi to Stephan Chan. I've always been giving my best to whatever I'm working on. I believe that last year's result was as such because the company saw how much effort we put in."

Wayne Lai wants another child
In response to Sheren's vow of writing Cheng Gau Mui backwards should they not be able to beat Dae Jang Geum's records, he laughed and said, "Tonight is the finale. We can write it in anyway we like. The name Lau Sing can also be written backwards". Wayne is confident of No Regrets. He heard many people saying that they want to rush back home to watch the drama, and the myTV ratings have also surpassed more than 1 million views everyday. When asked whether he is confident in winning a prize, he said, "There are many factors to be taken into account. I just hope that the ratings are good."

Fala Chen also hopes that No Regrets will break Dae Jang Geum's miraculous ratings. When asked whether she asked her grandmother to support her, she refused to reveal much. Her character has been criticised for straying from the main storyline. To this, she said, "I accept all opinions, whether good or bad. I like this role, because I've learnt a lot from it."  

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Comments: I only translated those parts that are relevant to No Regrets haha! xD



  1. do you have any videos for this event?

  2. 3000 disciples of Dong Tai to vote for me!
    lol i laugh so hard <3 Cheng Gau Mui

  3. Did No Regrets loses to Dae Jang Geum ?

  4. No Regrets did not get 50 points. It only peak around 47 points. Wayne Lai must be outraged?

    BTW, the ending wasnt even that good, they over use the Red Butterfly sub theme song to much (Ron Ng is better singer then Wayne Lai), the flashbacks were too much, the old couple going around the world was whack, the death of ching ching was stretch way tooo long even though it was really a sad scene. Part 1 of the ending was sadder then Part 2. Part 2 was done very poorly IMO.
    Towards the very end when Gau Mui lay RIP, the scene abruptly went to Gau Mui and Lau Sing sitting at the bench behind the audinece. That transition was done very poorly and should have the usual fade transition. Overall, No Regrets is very good series. But, it was not very well done with some of the quality controls that TVB didnt fix of the series produce this year.

    IMO, this series was overhype. I hope this series dont win the Best Series... that award should definitely goes to A Fistful of Stance.

  5. @Anonymous Nope, but if you're from Hong Kong, it's on myTV now. =)

    @LORRANIT Agree! I was totally LOL-ing when she said that as well! So cute! ^^

  6. @Anonymous In terms of pure TV ratings, yes, but remember, Dae Jang Geum only hit 50 points after >60 episodes. No Regrets nearly did it in 32 episodes.

    However, the 47 points did not take into account those viewers who watched in from myTV LIVE, so if the live myTV views are taken into account, I think No Regrets would break DJG's record! ;)

  7. @Anonymous I like this ending better than Rosy Business's. I agree that Red Butterfly was overused (about 3 times?!), but actually, I don't think No Regrets' theme song would have fitted into the context at that point. It's too dramatic.

    I haven't watched A Fistful of Stances, so I can't comment, but this drama has lived up to my expectations, so in a way, I think it's worth the hype, not like last year's BTROC, which was pretty terrible.

  8. i watched AFOS too. AFOS is very good, but it doesn't really leave a lasting impact though it's very heart-warming and it's really one of the first tvb dramas that i like this year. however, i won't watch AFOS again, whereas i will definitely watch NR again (skipping some parts tho) which is why i support NR more for best drama.

  9. for a very long while i lost interest in tvb series... someone told me rosy business was worth a watch but somehow period dramas don't appeal to me.

    i didn't understand the hype over no regrets.. until one day i chose to watch one episode. can't even remb which episode i watched but it was in the mid-20s.

    from then i was convinced it had a brilliant cast. and it kept me going after every episode till the end. sheren tang is no doubt a brilliant actress.

    such subtle romance, without their awesome portrayal, could have bore the audience to tears. but wayne and sheren were made it so real, kudos to them.

    kudos to the cast and producer.

    its been a while since tvb produce a show this worth commending.


    By looking at myTV view numbers on No Regrets, it is very well exceed "Jewel in The Palace" past 50 points if combine Over the air +'s myTV numbers.

    I like Rosy Business ending better then No Regrets with the sloppy ending on Part 2. IMO, No Regrets was sort of a let down because there are very boring, draggy parts in the middle of the series especially Ching Ching's scenes. It is also suffers way too many climax in a 32 episode were it is beginning too familiar theme.

    There are some positives on this series. It was engaging and some emotions throughout the series. I did expect Gau Mui and Lau Sing die but it wasnt that dramatic, Surprisingly Ching Ching and Yeung Yeung have better loving storyline even with noticeable draggy parts. It did keep me interest with all the shouting, shooting, hugging, etc.

    Some oddies:
    - Of course, the vehicles that they use was wrong.
    - The hairstyle in the 80s was wrong.

    - plus, not a lot people smoking cigarettes or cigars, at that time many people smoke...except one episode that appears at the end with some sort of pot that Pierre's character was smoking on it.

  11. I wanna add some thing... Sheren Tang and Susan Tse's acting was superb.

    Wayne Lai's acting... mixed review: Episode 6 to 13 was a really a bit over exaggerated. He did improve later on.

    Pierre was average.

    Nancy's was ok.

    Evergreen Mak did very well from evil to death.

    Raymond and Fala did good even with the part of the story was draggy.

    King Kong, he really needs to work with Japanese, acting was average.

    Most of the supporting and really lesser supporting role actors/actress did good.

  12. Ahhh, the neding was awesome!

    Some parts were draggy, but overall it was really sweet. It really felt like a conclusion. Like it really was the end. Which made me kinda sad. :(

    I dunno why, but the abrupt cut to the last scene with them on the bench worked for me. At first I didn't like it, but after reflecting on it, I think I do. I loved the last scene.

    Te ending really stuck with me. That's all I could think about the whole day today. I'm really sad that they didn't get the ratings I felt they deserved, but really, they did an amazing job. Sheren should win Best Actress for sure. :)

  13. @Anonymous Lol, I'm watching a drama, not a documentary, so I don't really care if the car they use is not what they used during those times or if the hairstyle isn't the style of those days.

    And I don't know Japanese, so I can't comment whether King Kong's Japanese was good or not. It sounded pretty fluent to me.

    But still, thanks for sharing your thoughts! =)

  14. @Anonymous Yes, I hope the casts get what they deserve this coming Sunday! Totally rooting for them! =D

  15. i love simon man lo <3 he too cute but always do act like small roles in every movies ..sad ..:(


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