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Pierre Ngo wants to be first-line actor

| Sunday, November 7, 2010 | |
Pierre Ngo's portrayal as Pai Guat in No Regrets has earned him praises, and he has become a hot candidate for this year's Best Supporting Actor award. Earlier on, he was involved in a fight with martial arts master Sai Ho Ying, making headlines on the gossip magazines. As a second-line actor (supporting role), he has already overshadowed the leads Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. It is not know if Pierre will get "promoted", but he wishes to become a lead one day.

Worries that he might cry uncontrollably
Pierre Ngo is very thankful to producer Lee Tim Shing for giving him a chance again to shine, and says that he is anticipating Pai Guat's character when he first received the script. "For the beginning of this drama, Tim Gor has added quite a few scenes for me. At first, I was worried as this is the first drama that requires me to cry a lot. Filming was tough, and even Wayne said that my character is hard to act out. I must be able to grasp and portray this character accurately. When everybody was filming episode 3, they were all very worried for me. Evergreen Mak even told me that he was afraid I would cry uncontrollably, because even after the camera stopped shooting, I was still crying! After that, when my grandmother died and after I killed King Kong, I cried even harder. Nobody pulled me aside to tell me to stop crying, and everybody started crying as well, including part-time artistes! Probably because they are older, and they will think about the Japanese Occupation. Before the filming, I went to the internet and watched some films regarding the Japanese Occupation, and took note of the Japanese' faces as well as the sufferings of the people. We spent 4 months filming this drama, and we must first feel before we can move the audience. For this drama, I have to keep my eyes swollen for the whole day. I may have eye-bags now, but it is all right."

Finally, TVB has people who can act
No Regrets may have only aired a few episodes, but there have already been rave reviews. Pierre said that even guys have come up to him and said that they cried while watching this drama, and many people have praised him for his outstanding acting skills as well. Pierre said, "Every time I come home, I will switch on the computer and go onto the internet to read the netizens' comments and views. Seniors like Felix Wong have also praised me on Weibo, saying that finally, TVB has people who can act. When I go back to the company, those costume designers and make-up artists who have watched me grow up have already praised me, saying that I have already matured. After hearing all these, I'm really very touched. However, some netizens have also said that we over-acted. To be frank, I feel comfortable watching ourselves, because the script is like that, and I have personally seen people argue in this way as well.

Role is more important than prize
Now that he has made his name, Pierre is asked whether he has the confidence to become a male lead in TVB. Pierre said that it is not important whether he gets a prize or not, but said that he hopes to be a male lead in a drama one day. "Some reporters have asked me whether I still want to get the Most Improved Male award, which I have already gotten last year. As for whether I want to get this year's Best Support Actor, it is up to fate. After getting the Most Improved Male award, I have many more job offers, and my salary has even increased! You may ask if I have anymore wants? I do not have any! I am now a second-line actor (supporting role), and I do wish to become a first-line actor (lead role) one day. But the most important thing is that I want a good role.

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Comments: I do believe that Pierre, with his good acting skills, will be able to rise up to become a male lead some day! =D He has really matured a lot in this acting. My first impression of him was in War and Beauty, as the eunuch who kept bullying Yu Fei (Sheren Tang) when she lost her power. 6 years have passed and now we see him as Pai Guat. Pai Guat will definitely become one of Pierre's representative role. =)


  1. does anybody know who pierre's grandma is in No Regrets? i've seen her in tvb for a long time now and she is so adorable.

  2. @Anonymous Haha, she's Hui Pik Kei. She acted in Virtues of Harmony before, as the match-maker who thinks that she's very pretty? Pardon me if I'm wrong, because I watched that sitcom really very long ago! xD


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