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Eileen Cha: Wrong timing affects No Regrets' ratings

| Friday, November 19, 2010 | |
A bold guess: Wrong timing affects No Regrets' ratings?
No Regrets, being the most anticipated drama of 2010, has gotten rave reviews. An online survey conducted on my website has revealed that netizens support Sheren Tang to get Best Actress, Evergreen Mark to be Best Supporting Actor and No Regrets to get the Best Drama award. I relayed this good news to No Regrets' producer Lee Tim Shing, and found out that he was actually not happy with No Regrets being put at the 8.30 pm slot. Why? He has also decided not to film a sequel. Why?

Lee Tim Shing - If the drama can be put at 9.30 pm, it'll be better
Lee Tim Shing is being very frank here. He said that he was not happy about No Regrets being placed at the 8.30 pm slot. "If the drama was put at 9.30 pm, there would at least be 2 points (he was talking about ratings) more, and that would have met our expectation of 34 points."

Cha: Why didn't you guys fight for it?
Lee: We have a model to follow: If the drama is still filming, everyone must listen to the producer. If the drama has finished filming, it is considered the company's asset, and everything will be decided by the company. The production crew has no say in this. There was once where I received 2 pieces of news. Somebody once told me that No Regrets would be aired at the 9.30 pm slot. After that, it was changed to 8.30 pm.

Cha: Netizens believe that it is TVB's ploy to make Can't Buy Me Love the highest-rated TV drama for this year, that's why No Regrets is being placed at the 8.30 pm slot to bring down the ratings. Do you agree with this?
Lee: First of all, I would like to thank everybody for their support. I'm pretty sure that the company won't do this, because every drama is considered as the company's assets. No Regrets must be shown at the 8.30 pm slot, because the type of theme that Gun Metal Grey has can only be shown at the 9.30 pm slot.

Cha: Will you film a sequel?
Lee: It is possible, but we would have to find another producer, because filming this "heavy" drama is too tiring for us already. Me and my script-writers have worked behind closed doors for 9 months, for 8 to 9 hours everyday (including weekends) before we managed to finish the scripts. We have to plan the outline of the story, the character of every single role and even their lines. My colleagues and I have really worked our guts out, and I can't bear to put them through such a tiring process again.

P.S. Wayne Lai has also emerged as the netizens' choice for Best Actor after Eileen Cha realised that some Raymond Lam fans have signed up for multiple accounts to vote for him. She has nullified their votes, so Wayne ends up being the winner! Congratulations! ^^

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Comments: Indeed, everybody has put in their all for this drama, and it is very evident! Ratings aren't indicative of a drama's quality, but still, I hope the ratings will continue to increase, since that is what everybody involved in this drama is hoping for! Do continue to support No Regrets in every way you can, be it through postings in the forums, blogs or other media platforms. It is what we can do, as fans, to show our appreciation to them, who have slogged so hard in order to present a drama that educates our minds and touches our hearts. To Mr Lee and everybody involved in No Regrets, I would really like to say a BIG THANK YOU for this drama! <3




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