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Thoughts on Episode 11

| Tuesday, November 2, 2010 | |
I won't be posting very detailed thoughts here, since I have to really study, so I apologise if my thoughts seem incoherent at times. >.<

Hmm, I was so anticipating Gau Mui's secret, because I thought it would be something else. But it turned out to be how and why she hated what her family was doing. =/ But still, I love Gau Mui and Lau Sing! <3 I think there is still something else that hasn't been answered since it was first brought up in episode 4 or 6. =/

Kara Hui did a great job as Yeung Yeung's mother here! I can totally feel her anxiety for her son! I really hope that her character gets more development!

Gau Mui's assistant... Do you guys think that she will betray her? I think she will leh... =/ Gosh, I shudder to think what will happen. >.< And heehee, the car scene was really very sweet ah! I think Lau Sing really likes Gau Mui! You must watch to know what he said. =P Gau Mui is really very pretty when she smiles. =D The church scene was also really very nice! I really can't wait to see how Gau Mui's and Lau Sing's relationship will develop! <3 And ah... Does Gau Mui really not have feelings for Lau Sing? *giggles* Lau Sing was being very direct with her LOL! xD I really feel some love sprouting out from the two of them! ^^


Enlarge to see this! It's time to fangirl! ^^

One main grouse from this episode: I really did not like the way the flashbacks was done... I find it very choppy. =X

But otherwise, MUTINY for the next episode! O.O'''

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