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Recap: Ep 6 - Siu Hong Plots Against Gau Mui

| Thursday, November 18, 2010 | |
Such a long and convoluted episode... whew!

Gau Mui proudly announces that she is loyal above all and assures the policemen she will help them in the future if Fei Fan causes them grief again. Lau Sing and the other men leave the Cheng house and walk home, excitedly discussing all the extra money they are going to get back from Fei Fan which amounts to $987. However Lau Sing is still worried by Gau Mui's way of changing mood without warning. He is greatly disturbed by the way she goes from anger at his story of Choi Hing to kindness and willingness to help them to the way she threatened Fei Fan... Confused, Yeung Yeung wonders how Gau Mui was able to follow up on Lau Sing's story about Macau when it was obviously a lie. Pai Guat says it seemed like they had practiced in advance, like they were on the same wavelength. But Lau Sing explains that is exactly why she is so frightening and why they should stay away from her.
In the middle of the night, Siu Hong is woken up by Long Hei and Dai Fung. She adamantly questions why he has turned into this pathetic weakling of a man who has to resort to wearing glasses to pretend to be gentlemanly when he doesn't even had myopia. Long Hei wants to take him someplace but Siu Hong refuses, telling her he needs to sleep by 11pm because he has English and Accountant classes in the morning. They ignore his protests and drag him out anyway.
Their car drives along an empty street that Long Hei explains was the boundary line between the two big groups that had control of Guangzhou years ago. South of the street was Dong Tai's territory and north of it belonged to the Ghost King. Siu Hong finds this reminiscing very unsettling but Long Hei continues... The Ghost King had become trouble for Dong Tai as he wasn't even giving Long Guan respect anymore. Some people suggested giving some territory to him and hoping he would stop causing trouble, some wanted to corrupt government officials to take care of him, some wanted to assassinate him but many opposed in fear of Guangzhou becoming chaos after his death.
Eventually they arrive in front of a brightly lit cabaret bar and stop the car. It was here, at this exact time, that something both terrible and brilliant happened all those years ago. Younger Siu Hong came to the cabaret, carrying only a revolver, shot the Ghost King three times without a word. The Ghost King's bodyguards were so scared that they couldn't shoot back and Siu Hong merely disappeared into the shadows once more. Even now, Long Hei is ecstatic as she recounts the tale, talking about how ruthless and powerful Siu Hong used to be and mocking the weakling he has become. She tells him she still has faith in him and that he must be brave so that they can defeat Gau Mui together. At her words, Siu Hong comes to a realization...
Siu Hong calls a secret meeting for all of Dong Tai's men and warns them not to tell anyone, including Long Guan, about the meeting. He announces that he has a mission for them all and promises hefty prizes for successful completion. He says that Gau Mui is not the real daughter of Long Guan, merely an imposter, and he wants them all to find proof of this by looking into a man called Uncle Dragon who used to work for Dong Tai many years ago.

Fei Fan grudgingly returns all the money to the happy team. Lau Sing goes to him to ask for some vacation time so that he can accompany Dong Lei back home to take care of her grandma who has injured her back. Fei Fan is still angry about being tattled on to Gau Mui so he denies Lau Sing's request. This makes Lau Sing furious and he tells the team that one of these days he will beat up Fei Fan and quit from the force. Just then, Ching Ching pays them all a visit. She bears good news - a company has just hired her as a secretary. Lau Sing is very proud of her and relieved that she is now growing to be more independent. He swears that one day he will save up enough money to quit and start his own business.
Lau Sing sends Dong Lei off at the train station. She bumps into Fei Fan on the train, which makes her uneasy. But little does she know that he is there purposefully to meet with her after he denied Lau Sing's request for time off.

Gau Mui brings Lau Sing to a restaurant and candidly asks him what he thinks of her. Lau Sing grows uncomfortable, not knowing what he should say so as to not incur her wrath. Finally, he subtly answers that out of the 5 times he's seen her, at least 3 are good times where she saved people. Gau Mui accepts this and doesn't seem to give it too much thought. She reveals her reasons for meeting with him - she wants him to help her accompany an old man to Hong Kong and she will pay him $888 for this task. Which, coincidentally, is exactly how much he needed to start his own business. The old man is a retired but important member of Dong Tai who had previously saved Gau Mui's life. Gau Mui emphasizes that he must be safely escorted to Hong Kong. Lau Sing is suspicious of her true motives but ultimately accepts.
In the country, Fei Fan visits Dong Lei's grandma and gifts her with a wheelchair. Fei Fan refuses to let Dong Lei pay him back for it and takes her outside to tell her 3 things. 1) The gift is because her grandma was very good to him when he was little and has nothing to do with the fact that he and Dong Lei had dated for six months before. 2) An incident that happened between them while they were drunk was not her fault. Dong Lei obviously does not want to remember the past with him and tries to run away but he stops her, saying that he and Lau Sing are the ones that should be responsible. Lau Sing should not fight with such a good wife, always making her so unhappy. And Fei Fan himself made a terrible mistake that time by sleeping with her when she was already with Lau Sing. 3) He will disappear from her life from now on but if she ever needs anything from him, he will not hesitate to help. Dong Lei is touched by his speech.
While Lau Sing escorts Uncle Dragon, he realizes that they are being followed and grows wary. Since there is still sometime before the train arrives, they go eat dim sum at a casual tea house. Lau Sing carefully keeps watch as they eat but notices that more men in suits are gathering outside, waiting for them. When one of them ventures in and shares a table with them, Lau Sing successfully stops him from reaching for his gun. Uncle Dragon takes it and leaves with Lau Sing. But since the entrance is guarded by the men, they jump out the window and run away. Unfortunately they are no match for Siu Hong's men and they are eventually captured by Dai Fung.
Lau Sing is tied up by his hands and interrogated about Gau Mui's intentions and plans for Uncle Dragon. Knowing nothing, he is physically beaten and threatened with death by fire. Siu Hong seems to believe he really knows nothing and moves on to question Uncle Long. He wants to know why Uncle Dragon came all the way up from Hong Kong to visit Gau Mui and why she had a policeman escort him back. Uncle Dragon says nothing. At this time, Long Hei gets a call from her henchmen who have captured Uncle Dragon's granddaughter. Fearful for her life, Uncle Dragon admits that he is here to borrow $4000 from Gau Mui. He knows she won't refuse him because he knows her big secret - she is not Long Guan's real daughter. Years ago when Long Guan tasked him with finding the kidnapped Gau Mui, he couldn't so had to resort to finding an orphan girl to pretend.
At the Cheng house, Long Guan is in bed but suddenly Siu Hong, Long Hei and Dai Fung burst in to wake him up. When Long Guan refuses to listen to them, Siu Hong kicks his bed in a burst of frustration. Long Guan is shocked by this disrespectful act but does wake up and follow them downstairs to the living room. Dragon Uncle and Lau Sing are both present, still tied up. Long Hei and Siu Hong tell Long Guan about the big conspiracy and the fact that Gau Mui is not his real daughter, using Uncle Dragon as witness. Long Guan's disbelief causes him to question Uncle Dragon further. Gau Mui is equally shocked and asks Uncle Dragon how he can do such a thing to Long Guan who has always treated him like a brother and has even risked his life to break him out of jail. Uncle Dragon is finally touched by Gau Mui's words and hopelessly admits that Siu Hong kidnapped his granddaughter to blackmail him into lying about Gau Mui.
Long Guan is so furious at this news that he pushes Dai Fung and Long Hei off to the side and chases after Siu Hong with a gun. He recalls ten years ago when he was shot, it was the first time Siu Hong had kicked his hospital bed and forced him to relinquish power to him. Today, Siu Hong kicked his bed once again and is trying to pit him against his real daughter. It is unforgivable. However Long Guan decides to spare his life but vows that he will not hesitate to kill Siu Hong if he tries anything like this again. He shoots a chandelier to make his point and Siu Hong is so afraid for his life that all he can do is shake in fear.

Gau Mui apologizes to Lau Sing for indirectly giving him so much pain and offers him $1000 as reward. Lau Sing is bitter and only accepts the previously stated amount of $888. Gau Mui seems amused from the dramatic events of the night and asks Lau Sing what he thinks really happened. Lau Sing tells her he knows she planned the whole thing, knowing that Siu Hong wanted to betray her so she conspired with Uncle Dragon to attack him in return and make Long Guan completely distrust him in the future. Gau Mui smirks and praises Lau Sing for being so true to his name. Lau Sing is obviously still shaken from being tortured and almost killed. To make things worse, Gau Mui asks him if he thinks she's the real daughter or not... Lau Sing carefully answers yes. Gau Mui nods but warns him not to say one thing but mean another. He admits that he knows her power and swears to never tell a soul about what happened today. But as Gau Mui leaves, Lau Sing spits on the ground and curses her...
Dong Lei returns from her trip, meeting Fei Fan on the same train and even offers him a seat next to her. It is clear that his speech back home has made her see him in a better light. Fei Fan tells her that he will be getting a promotion soon and will suggest to the police board that Lau Sing gets his current position. This makes Dong Lei very happy and thankful to him. Of course, it is all a lie.

Lau Sing's return to the police stirs curiosity in his team but he doesn't tell them what happened. Fei Fan chastises Lau Sing for taking a day off without his approval. They get into a verbal fight and Lau Sing gets so mad that he quits on the spot, insulting Fei Fan to the max as he does. The rest of the team is so loyal that they all quit with him and they leave. They get home and announce the happy news to the rest of Ju Long Lei. They have quit their policeman jobs and will be doing business with Lau Sing. Dong Lei is surprised by this and unhappy that Lau Sing never discusses things with her before doing them. She hates his explosive temper and is disappointed by his quitting because she thinks Fei Fan is trying to get him a promotion. At the mention of Fei Fan, Lau Sing gets angry and the couple fight again...


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