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Thoughts on Episode 19

| Saturday, November 13, 2010 | |
I felt really very heart-broken for Gau Mui, and I believe that Lau Sing felt the same way too! <3

Stupid Long Hei… She’s really getting very scary now. Because of what she has done, I’m starting to doubt her identity as Long Gwan’s sister as well. >.< Like what Gau Mui said, in the past, Long Hei did not drag Long Gwan into the feuds that occurred between the both of them, but now, Long Hei seems bent on harming Long Gwan as well! O.O''' Dear Long Hei, what exactly is/are your intention(s)? And who was she talking to on the phone? ._. Can somebody tell me why isn't Susan Tse nominated for Best Supporting Actress? I thought she was brilliant in here! >.<

Oh, I must say that Gau Mui looks really very very pretty when she’s smoking opium! *fangirl-ing in process* BUT, no matter how alluring she looks when she’s smoking, don’t follow her and take drugs hor (though I think this drama feels like a drug to me! I'm totally addicted! @_@)! ^^

Stupid Fei Fan... He's back, and still as stupid as ever, though I won't deny that I didn't expect him to be so clever as to trick the tickets out of Gau Mui's hands. >.<

By the way, who thinks that the duel between the Japanese commander and Lau Sing looked like some duel out of the Harry Potter movies? xD

I hate it when Lau Sing ignores Gau Mui, but love it when Lau Sing knew what exactly happened to her! <3 Ah, how can a guy be so manly ah? =D The church scene during the last few minutes was really the sweetest thing ever! <3 I really love how the Gau Mui - Lau Sing relationship is building up! *blood glucose level rising exponentially*

I must say that Sheren Tang really did a fantabulous job as a drug addict who is suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Her scream of agony really made me feel very heart-broken for her. If I, as a girl, can feel so touched heart-broken for her, what's more Lau Sing, who has witnessed how much hardship she has gone through. Aww, Gau Mui! *hugs* Can I take it that Lau Sing and Gau Mui finally hugged? It wasn't really mutual though, but it's really very sweet enough. *blood glucose level rising again* xDD

After watching these 2 episodes, I finally know why this drama is called "義海豪情" in Chinese. I am really, really so in love with the Chinese title! ^^

P.S. I loved the music played when the credits rolled for this episode! ^^



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