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Fans of No Regrets vow to boycott TVB!

| Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | |

TVB's Anniversary Award celebration is nearing. No Regrets, together with Can't Buy Me Love, are seen as the hot favourites for this year's anniversary. Gau Mui, Lau Sing (Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai) and Princess Chiu Yeung and her consort (Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan) have their supporters. Rivalry between both sides have gotten white-hot, and there have been rumours of No Regrets being put down by the TVB executives. Yesterday, fans have sent a complaint letter to the relevant authorities, complaining that TVB has changed the rules (by not requiring voters to put in their HK ID - fans will be able to set up multiple accounts and vote multiple times) so that their "biological son and daughter (those who have contracts with TVB)" can win prizes during the ceremony.

TVB's reply: One person one vote - no change  
Fans of No Regrets have issued a complaint letter to TVB, asking that the rules be changed or they will boycott TVB. Angry netizens have also accused TVB of not respecting them. When interviewed by reporters, Chan Ka Yeung (TVB executive for entertainment and music) said that up till now, they have not received any complaint letters, and made it clear that the voting system has not changed. "The purpose of the voting system is to let the fans vote for their favourites. The company does monitor the voting carefully, the voting rules will be the same as that of last year. Maybe the people who complained aren't familiar with the rules."

He has also said that netizens can vote via 2 ways: by the TVB website, or by mail. One person will have one vote; in the process, if anybody is found to have voted more than once, that person's vote will be disqualified.
2 ways to vote - A must to enter in your ID  
The reporters have found out that those who voted by mail must put down their ID number, while those who voted via the website need not put down their ID number. The only condition is that they must be a member. However, when they sign up, their ID number is also needed. Hence, the No Regrets' fans need not worry about people signing up for multiple accounts and voting indiscriminately.

Facebook group set up to support No Regrets
A Facebook group has been set up to support No Regrets. Although No Regrets is being aired at 8.30 pm, an unfavourable time-slot, but after one month of airing, there have been rave reviews about the drama, pushing up the ratings as it enters the 5th week of broadcast. Last week, the average ratings was about 33 points (2.1 million viewers), peaking at around 37 points (2.36 million viewers). Episode 20 has garnered about 1.2 million views, which equates to 19 points in ratings. The power of netizens should definitely not be underestimated.

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Comments: Hmm, I don't know how voting was like last year, so I can't really comment. But I definitely did not need any ID to sign up as a member, so I think the No Regrets fans in Hong Kong do have a point in that people can just sign up for multiple accounts and vote multiple times. =/

I've been to various forums, and I see that the support for No Regrets is really very strong. No Regrets will probably be one of the last TVB dramas that I will be chasing...

Anyway, congratulations to No Regrets for getting 33 points, and hitting 37 points for peak ratings! =D With so many exciting scenes in the back episodes, I hope this drama will hit >40 points, and >50 points for the finale, which would be aired next Sunday! GO NO REGRETS! <3 Please continue to support this drama in every way you can, whether be it watching it from the comforts of your home, myTV, or postings in the forums! Support No Regrets! =D




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