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Thoughts on Episode 16

| Friday, November 12, 2010 | |
Weehee! I managed to watch both episodes 16 and 17 today because I’m feeling happy! ^^ I’m finally done with Maths! The bane of my life is gone, for good, I hope. =D I really hope I don’t have to touch Maths ever again! Bye bye, complex numbers, vectors, integration (these are my most-hated topics!)! I really hope not to see them again! >.<

Anyway, here are my thoughts for episode 16. I’m sorry if my thoughts seem very scattered. I’m typing this in a rush, since I need to study for Econs! >.<

The scene where Yeung Yeung got shot seemed really real. I really thought IT WAS REAL, damn it. =( It’s all Ching Ching’s stupid thoughts. -.-‘’’ And erm… I’m not sure about this, but the scene in the cinema… Did Yeung Yeung just “proposed” to Ching Ching? Hmm…

I really, really hate Lai Wah, I really do! >.< How can one be such a hypocrite? But I guess war does really bring out the true nature of people. People can do anything just to save themselves, which is kind of sad, but so very real and true. That’s what I like about this drama. =)

And argh! I really hate it when Lau Sing misunderstands Gau Mui. I thought he was supposed to understand her more than anyone did, but now, I feel that even though he likes her, he is still unable to grasp her true character. xD I feel sad for Gau Mui because ever since her "sister" died, she doesn't have anybody to rely on (except Lau Sing of course!). Lau Sing, please console my dear Gau Mui! ^^

OK, I'm off to study again!


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