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Thoughts on Episode 15

| Saturday, November 6, 2010 | |
Ahh! Oh mee gawd, Gau Mui finally knew what Lau Sing said that time!! <3333333 But eh, she never really showed any emotions? Lau Sing looked super shy though! <333333 And aww Lau Sing, you are going to drive me crazy lah! I can tell that he's really infatuated with Gau Mui! The way he peeped at her talking on the phone was soooo sweet! <3 But Gau Mui refused to tell him her problems. =(

Wendy Hon totally surprised me in this episode. Really, kudos to Sheren Tang and Wendy Hon for their outstanding performances in this episode. I was really very touched by Gau Mui's and her "sister"'s relationship. I really feel like slapping Lai Wah though, but Nancy also did a good job here! Chow Tit finally scolded Lai Wah today! That goes to show how bratty Lai Wah is.

And gosh, Ching Ching totally shocked me! I didn't expect her to do that, and I must say that I was taken in! o.O''' I hope Fala's character will be able to have more development too! I think Fala Chen is doing a good job as Ching Ching!

Episode 16 looks good, but unfortunately, I won't be able to watch it or post anything, because I have my exams! =( Do look out for Mandy's recaps, and do leave your comments here though! I will still be able to read and reply them! ^^

I've also set up some polls, so do vote! =D I wanted to do a poll between Rosy Business and No Regrets, but I've decided against it, because the theme of these 2 dramas differ greatly. It's not like Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance, which deals with family business (just that they changed it from abalone to mooncake). Rosy Business deals with the rice business, but No Regrets deals with World War II and how life in Guangzhou was like in the 1930s. So, I feel that although these 2 dramas have nearly the same cast, there is no basis for comparison, so no poll on that. =)

Continue to support this blog, and continue to support No Regrets! Thanks! ^^ I love you guys! <3



  1. The scenes with Sheren and Wendy, both past and present, always impress me. They are long and have a lot of dialogue but so full of emotions... Makes me wonder how you can possibly get back into the groove if you NG something like that. Have to redo makeup and everything again lol.

  2. @Mandy Haha, I think it will be weird if they ahve NG on that scene. =P I wish to see Wendy more often! She's really a very under-rated actress!


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