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Recap: Episode 2 - Pai Guat Accused

| Friday, November 5, 2010 | |
A very Pai Guat-centric episode for all the Pierre fans. ^^ And the second time Lau Sing gets to see what tricks Gau Mui has up her sleeve for the Sheren/Wayne fans!

Even though Fei Fan's arrival and Pai Guat's injury disturbed Lau Sing's plan, with excellent shooting skills and spirit, his team manages to win the battle with the convicts. However, when the police chief visits the station to commend them on their efforts, announcing whoever helped kill the convicts will get a promotion. Fei Fan proudly replies that he was the one responsible for all 6 deaths and receives the $1000 reward. He only condescendingly gives Lau Sing's team $10 to buy dinner for themselves. He takes it grudgingly and rushes off to the locker room where Pai Guat is sitting alone, tending to his wound. Lau Sing blames him for not listening to his orders and ruining the whole operation. He says that in his experience as detective, there is no one as stupid as Pai Guat that could ever be a good policeman. Pai Guat continues to apologize but Lau Sing is too angry to listen to him. Instead he asks Pai Guat to do the team a favor and just quit. The team feels sorry for Pai Guat and asks Lau Sing to give him one more chance. Lau Sing finally becomes soft-hearted and lets him stay. Pai Guat secretly calls his grandmother back home and is discovered by Lau Sing who once again yells at him not to make the team look bad.

At the Cheng house, the family discusses Dong Tai's upcoming 30th anniversary celebration that is to be organized by Siu Git and held at a hotel. Taking advantage of her brother's good mood, Long Hei suggests he let Siu Git take over Gau Mui's casinos in Guangzhou to take some of the work off her hands. In reality, Long Hei is trying to take back some of the power Gau Mui has accumulated over the years. When Gau Mui comes home, it is time to vote. Gau Mui's close assistant, Zhou Tit, and Long Guan's brother, Long Hong, votes against it. Long Hei and Long Guan's brother in law, Dai Fung, both vote in favor. Siu Hong, the second brother, gives up his vote. It is 2 against 2. To ease the pressure off her father, Gau Mui votes for him and votes in favor of the change. She voluntarily gives up the casinos and lottery businesses to Siu Git but insists that she will be taking all her staff with her.
Before going on an operation, Lau Sing gives his lottery ticket and a whole month's salary to Pai Guat to buy. The prize that night is going to be huge and Lau Sing is willing to take a risk to keep his family together. Unfortunately, on the way to the buy-in, the money is stolen and Pai Guat breaks down in a frenzy to find it, knowing Lau Sing will have his head if he can't. A girl takes pity on him and directs him to find Dai Fung, who watches over that area of town. Dai Fung is completely unsympathetic towards Pai Guat and pushes him down the stairs of a restaurant to make his point. Seeing that there's no alternative, the girl shows Pai Guat how to changed a discarded lottery ticket from the day before to make it seem like it was bought today. Pai Guat knows the plan is risky so he prays to the god, begging him not to let Lau Sing win in exchange for never eating beef.
Lau Sing and the whole team, excluding Pai Guat, anxiously wait for the lottery results in the casino. As a stroke of luck, good or bad, Lau Sing matches all 15 of his words and becomes the grand prize winner of $7778. His joy is so great that he wants to turn his gun in at the station and quit, metaphorically spitting in Fei Fan's face on the way. But when Siu Git and Dai Fung arrive, they refuse to hand out the money because they can't find Lau Sing's ticket receipt. In disbelief, Lau Sing demands that they search again. Thinking that he is trying to con the company, Siu Git agrees to do it again only if Lau Sing leaves one of his hands behind if it isn't found. Lau Sing agrees, fully believing in himself and his ticket.
At that time, Gau Mui is eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. Zhou Tit tells her what's going on at the casino and she smirks, knowing that Siu Git can't handle the situation by himself. She continues eating and enjoying herself, waiting for the casino mess to get more out of hand. The second search for the ticket reciept ends. It isn't found. Siu Git threatens to chop off Lau Sing's hand, sparking everyone to draw their guns in retaliation. The tension in the room builds until Gau Mui suddenly enters and easily solves the mystery by searching through the receipts of the day before. She finds the one matching Lau Sing's ticket and leads him to the conclusion that Pai Guat never did buy a ticket for him. In both fear and anger, Lau Sing apologises sincerely to Gau Mui and leaves with his team. Gau Mui announces that she is now taking back the ownership of the casinos and assures all the citizens that they can go to her with any problems in the future.
It is 9:30pm. Pai Guat thinks he is safe since no one is back by now. His grandmother calls to say happy birthday to him but at this time, Lau Sing returns to the police station with the team. Everyone is furious. Lau Sing chases Pai Guat around the office, throwing things at him and hitting him with anything he can find. Yeung Yeung asks if he really stole the money. Fearful for his life, Pai Guat admits that the money was stolen so all he could do was make a fake ticket. Lau Sing's steam runs out and he starts weeping in frustration, miserable that he has such bad luck. Pai Guat kneels and begs him for forgiveness and promises to return the money but Lau Sing's temper chases him away.
Long Guan returns from Shanghai and Siu Git and Long Hei complain about Gau Mui's forceful takeover of the casinos. Long Guan give them no sympathy, merely states that the voting isn't over since he has yet to vote. Now he decides to vote against Siu Git. The numbers are 3 vs 3 but since he is the boss, only his vote truly counts. He officially gives the casinos and the lottery business to Gau Mui to control. When Siu Git argues, Long Guan tells him in the 7 years that Gau Mui oversaw the business, there has been no problems and they made a lot of money. Conversely, as soon as Siu Git took over, there was almost a gunfight. He announces that Gau Mui is much more intelligent and calm than her brother. Long Guan is not a traditional man; whoever is the best will be the one taking over his business.
Still overcome with regret at what he did, Pai Guat went to Lau Sing's apartment to offer him wine and cakes as an apology. Lau Sing, still incredibly angry, threw the gifts off the balcony at him and continued yelling until Pai Guat runs away, crying. On his way, he runs into a drunk Siu Git and the girl who had helped him with the lottery ticket earlier. Apparently as an attempt to get over his anger at Long Guan's words, Siu Git was trying to forcefully take the girl home with him. She sees Pai Guat and runs to him, yelling for help. Siu Git bullies Pai Guat verbally and physically until Pai Guat points his gun at him, threatening to shoot. Pai Guat fires a shot at the sky and Siu Git gets even angrier. Suddenly, another shot is fired and Siu Git clutches his chest. Pai Guat turns around to see the shadow of a man running off. At this time, Dai Fung pulls up with some men and helps the fallen Siu Git. Pai Guat realizes what it looks like and fearfully repeats that it wasn't him...

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  1. I like Pai Guat's grandmother! I feel like crying whenever Pai Guat is talking to his family members. Feels sad to be away from your family members, especially when things aren't going right for him. =(

    Love the scene when all the guns were pulled out! Actually, this type of scene always appear in No Regrets LOL!. xD


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