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萬千星輝賀台慶 2010 Recap

| Saturday, November 20, 2010 | |
Great start to the anniversary gala! Let Gor does a little skit about gala tickets and does crossovers with all the big shows of the year including Can't Buy Me Love and No Regrets! I really like how they kept the intro part shorter this year. The songs were not as catchy but it was a good start. ^^

Must watch parts = CMBL vs. NR cast rap, Liza and Gods awards parody, Let's Get Wet dance, final singing performance. (read more for the full recap)

#1: A hilarious showdown between the cast of CBML and NR... rapping! Yes, I kid you not. It was sooo funny I actually laughed out loud a few times (and I don't do that often). Since Raymond was in both shows, they ended up putting him on the CBML side and when he rapped his part, Wayne called him "反骨仔" and Fala said "二五仔" lols~ Moses kept up his famous quick tongue and his part was pretty funny. Wayne did good too! His rap was kinda cute. Overall, it was catchy and amusing.

#2: A game where they separated into two groups and had to twist their bodies so ping pong balls would fall out of a little box strapped to their backs. After 3 sessions, the team with Wayne/Fala/Pierre/Evergreen won. :)

#3: Dance parody of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and Telephone by the more mature actors/actresses, including Susan Tse and "Dai Fung" (don't know his name!). Kinda silly but it was obvious they put a lot of effort into practicing for it. It always amazes how TVB manages to change the lyrics of popular songs to suit the anniversary theme. I personally enjoyed the women's performance/song more. The costumes were fun and the dance was actually sexy for their ages! (Ha Yu said all their combined ages adds up to over 1000 lol) Susan's figure is amazing and surprising. Couldn't help wondering how Sheren would have done in this dance... probably hott. :P

#4: Liza and Gods 荃加福祿壽 awards presentation parody! Omg sooo funny... I won't talk about all the awards but I can say it was worth watching for the following reasons:

* A picture of young Wayne in only a speedo, with abs... LOL. @.@
* A young photo of Evergreen was put next to a photo of Raymond Lam for comparison... they actually looked alike! Handsome! Then Raymond was warned that in 20 years he'll look like Evergreen today hahaha.
* A short clip of Dai Fung Gor singing and doing some pretty seductive dance moves~ ;)

#5: TVB's 花旦小生 hiphop dance called Let's Get Wet. I could definitely feel the energy in this sequence! And it sure helped to have all those young cute faces to look at. :P TVB sure does like playing with drums in their 台慶. The highlight of this part was dancing outside while jets of water were sprayed into the air over them and fires burned all around. Reminded me of the final scene in the Step Up To The Streets movie. It was hot, exciting, and different. Only NR cast I was sure I saw was Nancy. Not surprising considering her figure and dance experience. :)

#6: Moses and Wayne switch characters! Moses did a parody of Rosy Business as Chai Gau and they made fun of his rumors with Bernice and Charmaine haha... Wayne was Duk Duk Dei from Heart of Greed, with King Kong (Tetsuya) as Linda Chung's character lol! It was so refreshing seeing Wayne act slow and naive. Definitely 視帝! Sooo funny seeing them act romantic together...

#7: Another game testing reflexes and wits. Nothing specific to comment on.

#8: Kung fu show, including King Kong (Tetsuya) and the actor who acted 黑木 (omg he's really buff). They did a few solo acts and duels, then some silly parodies with props.

#9: Beauty salon skit with the usual comedy masters. It didn't seem as ridiculous as previous years and was amusing enough hehe... They made fun of Moses, Michael Tse, Cho Lam, etc...

#10: Performance by TVB singers. Lots of classic soothing songs... I was surprised when King Kong came out to sing in his mothertongue, mandarin! He has a nice deep voice. I'm liking him more and more. :) Another surprise, Evergreen singing mandarin too! And OMG Kiki Seung, who played 二奶奶 in Rosy Business has an AMAZING voice and wonderful pitch! I almost couldn't believe it was really her. Was she a singer first?? Overall the singing portion is a must-watch but it was nothing compared to last year's duet by Wayne and Sheren... *sigh* <33


  1. Was Sheren in it at all?

  2. No Sheren at all. She's still busy filming in mainland.

  3. Awww,.

    Last year she had a really big role in it. :/

  4. I know, I feel your pain. That duet last year was so romantic and the drum line was epic too.

  5. Haha, the actor who acted as Hak Mok is Oscar Lee. xD How come this year they are all singing Mandarin songs? I prefer last year's, where they sang all the old TVB classic theme songs. Hacken Lee did a great job then. And of course, I miss my Sing Gau singing together. =(

    And lol, Kiki totally surprised me! She used to look so sexy last time! I think her "housewife" look is stuck in my brain, so I was pretty surprised to see her in a bikini. xD

    I wonder if you did see Susan Tse's younger photos before. I saw it somewhere. She used to look very very pretty! Totally like an innocent young woman, not like the crazy evil woman who cackles (sorry, that's my impression of her now xD). =D

  6. do you know what music was played during the let's get wet dance?

  7. @Vicki183 Sorry Vicki! I skipped the parts that were irrelevant to No Regrets, so I don't know what music was played during the Let's Get Wet dance. =P


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