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Recap: Ep 8 - Ching Ching Relapses

| Saturday, November 20, 2010 | |
How can Fei Fan be so creepy...? This episode really made me shiver in disgust.

Mrs. Yeung is worried about Yeung Yeung going back to work as a policeman and opposes it until Lau Sing, along with the other men, proudly states that it was the police chief who saved their jobs and insisted they return immediately. Dong Lei grows quiet at the lie and when she is alone with Lau Sing later, she tests him again about his story. When he stands by his lie, she blames him for never telling her the truth and asks him one last time. With no other choice, Lau Sing reveals that the reason they have their jobs back is actually because Gau Mui helped him. Dong Lei, still thinking that it was actually Fei Fan's help, gets even more upset. She finally reveals her version of the story and Lau Sing gets furious, as he usually does when Fei Fan comes up as a subject. They fight once again... Yeung Yeung continues to spy on Ching Ching after work. He watches her intently with a sweet smile on his face.
At the station, Lau Sing humbly apologizes to Fei Fan for his wrongdoings in the past and Fei Fan seems to accept it. He tells them all that he puts emphasis on acts, not people. As long as they work well, he will be nice to them. And vice versa...

Yeung Yeung drives Ching Ching to work on his bike again and tells her about the current case he is working on, which makes her very happy. She plays a joke on him and laughs when he really falls for it. They have fun and he promises to tell her more about the con men tomorrow after they catch them.
However, Fei Fan puts Yeung Yeung in charge of the con men case and states that he has another special task for Lau Sing. He is to go up to the mountain to search for a missing person. This confuses Lau Sing because they already had evidence suggesting that the body had been found. Fei Fan does not care for his words and still makes him go, ordering him not to stop looking until midnight.
Apparently this is part of Fei Fan's plan to occupy Lau Sing so he can spend time with Dong Lei himself. He takes her to a fancy restaurant and presents with a gift to her mother. He spins her more lies about Lau Sing's bad attitude, which makes her unhappy.

Lau Sing searches for the missing man on the mountain until 11:30pm and frustratedly decides to quit. He suspects that Fei Fan is just trying to make life difficult for him. Fei Fan's man stops him, reminding him of the order not to return until midnight. Lau Sing is angry but he agrees to sit and wait until midnight.
Fei Fan leads a slightly drunk Dong Lei out of the restaurant. He is playing the gentleman still. Dong Lei confides in him that she thinks Lau Sing might not love her as much as she loves him. Even she was the one to initiate their first date. In her drunken state, she lies against Fei Fan's chest and he strokes her arm, thoroughly captivated. But just as he is about to suggest something, she leaves to go home herself. He lets her go but is clearly disappointed in the way the night has ended. When Lau Sing gets home, he finds a sleepy Dong Lei on the bed. She lies that she spent the evening with her girl friends but Lau Sing believes her.
Yeung Yeung waits for Ching Ching to get off work, wanting to tell her the story about catching the con men. However they are interrupted by her coworkers who want to have dinner with her and she agrees to go. She also shows Yeung Yeung a new bike she bought and tells him that he no longer has to drive her to and from work. Yeung Yeung looks defeated as he watches her ride off.
Fei Fan meets with Lau Sing to ask about his team gossiping behind Fei Fan's back. Lau Sing denies anything, making Fei Fan more irritated. He warns Lau Sing that if he doesn't start respecting him and making him happy, even if Dong Lei comes to him in the future to offer him her body, he won't help Lau Sing again. Lau Sing is furious but contains his anger. He tries to calm himself down in the washroom but can't help from suspecting that something is going on between his wife and Fei Fan. In the hopes of proving it, he follows Dong Lei in secret but only sees her meeting with her girl friends. He is relieved.
Once again, Yeung Yeung spies on Ching Ching from inside the antiques shop. Suddenly she faints in the street. He immediately takes her to the hospital, where he is told by the doctor that her heart disease has relapsed. While he gives Ching Ching's identity card to the nurse, he stumbles onto her diary and starts reading it... He realizes that Ching Ching has known for a while that she has relapsed and that is why she wants to record her feelings from now on. He also finds out that Ching Ching likes him as well but hesitates to start a relationship with him because she doesn't want to be a burden to him.
Lau Sing panics when he finds out about Ching Ching's relapse. He tells the doctor to give the best medicine to Ching Ching. No matter the expensive cost, he will find a way. The neighbors of Ju Long Lei generously give him their savings to help with the cost. The men continue to work but Lau Sing is obviously distracted all the time. When Ching Ching's birthday comes, he buys her a cake and they all happily celebrate with her in the hospital. But at home, Lau Sing and Dong Lei continue to fight day after day. Fei Fan gives money to Dong Lei to help out.

Fei Fan continues to tell her lies about Lau Sing's bad attitude at the station and that he's scared the chief will blame him for it. Dong Lei feels even more wronged now that Ching Ching has relapsed. She drinks with Fei Fan again and tells him she's even scared to mention to Lau Sing that her mother's house needs money to repair the roof. She continues to question Lau Sing's love for her and asks how she can possibly spend the rest of her life with him. Fei Fan takes advantage of her emotional state to get her even more drunk. He then takes her to a hostel and after Dong Lei questions her choice of choosing Lau Sing over Fei Fan, eventually they kiss...
When Lau Sing visits Ching Ching in the hospital, he runs into a friend. This friends tells Lau Sing that he saw his wife enter a hostel with another man. Lau Sing is shocked and starts to suspect Dong Lei again... He pretends everything is fine in front of Ching Ching but later follows Dong Lei again. This time, he sees her go into the hostel and breaks in the door to find Fei Fan rushing to escape out of the window. Horrified and furious, he tries to shoot him but Dong Lei stops him.
Dong Lei packs up her things at home and gets ready to leave. She tells the neighbors that she was only meeting with her uncle in the hostel but Lau Sing accused her of betraying him. Lau Sing returns and doesn't even try to stop her as she leaves.

Fei Fan knows his relationship with Dong Lei has been discovered by Lau Sing and becomes scared that he will take revenge on him. He orders a few men to follow him around and protect him, using an excuse that he has secret information about a convict trying to do him harm. He tells them they can shoot anyone who acts suspicious.
Lau Sing has drinks with Pai Guat and reveals to him the story of Dong Lei and Fei Fan. Pai Guat is stunned but tries to convince Lau Sing to just forget her. Unfortunately Lau Sing is not convinced and rashly pulls out his gun, threatening to kill Fei Fan. Seeing Lau Sing so upset, Pai Guat acts on impulse and grabs his gun instead, then bikes off to take revenge on Fei Fan for him. Lau Sing suddenly realizes that isn't the right thing to do. He runs after Pai Guat, trying to stop him. He runs into Gau Mui's car on the way and jumps in, begging them to give him a ride and follow Pai Guat. Gau Mui seems confused by this but allows her bodyguard to drive. They meet up with Pai Guat in front of the station and Lau Sing stops him just in time. As he drags Pai Guat away, Gau Mui overhears what Fei Fan has done to Lau Sing and looks intrigued...


  1. I love ur recaps of Yeung Yeung and Ching Ching. I like Fala and Raymond and I think they match so well together. I know a lot of ppl think their story r boring but I find it kind of sweet and cute.

  2. @SUETSUET I did not think that their storyline is boring. It's just because most people only want to focus on the Gau Mui - Lau Sing relationship. xD

    There's just less "action" to Ching Ching and Yeung Yeung's relationship. People back then did not really express their feelings so openly I guess? =)

    Thanks for dropping by! ;D


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