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Thoughts on Episode 20

| Saturday, November 13, 2010 | |
I'm really left speechless... I really am. I'm just totally in awe of this episode. This episode has to be one of the most POWERFUL episode that I've seen from a TV drama, ever. And I'm seriously not kidding. Episode 20 really spells "eee peeee eye ceee".

The figures speak for themselves. Never before have I seen the myTV views go up to as high as 1 million views (may hit 2 million views by the end of the day!) by 1 pm itself. Never before have I seen over 100+ (and still counting) pages of discussion in the Hong Kong forum going on just for one episode. This episode is really, really, one of the best episodes I've ever seen from a TV drama. =) Episode 20 has even hit 1 million over views on myTV in just 2 days!! GOSH!

There's so many things I love about this episode! What really happened to Long Hei? She is really very scary now! She even caused the Japanese 2nd-in-command to slap her own brother! O.O''' But haha, that serves as a good reason for Gau Mui to get rid of him (and probably her) later on. xD

I love how Lau Sing stood up for Gau Mui in front of Long Gwan. Ah, how can one be so manly? If I were Gau Mui, I would have married Lau Sing immediately LOL! ;D

Pai Guat is really damn unlucky, but haha, I felt like laughing when he was beaten up. =P It was really quite funny, even though I know Pai Guat just has the worst of luck. >.<

Episode 20 can be summed up as Sheren Tang's solo. Boy, I really love how her eyes can speak volumes! ._. The look of concern that slowly turned to hatred when she saw Pai Guat puking out blood - that was simply AMAZING acting on her part.

The part where she seduced the Japanese 2nd-in-command was also 正! Ah, how can she kiss him?! -.-''' She hasn't even kissed Lau Sing LOL! xD But that's where the epic part comes in, because everything is a show. =P

Sheren's performance in this episode is so stunning that I think she should receive a Lifetime Best Actress award from TVB or something. Give Cheng Gau Mui to other people and I don't think anyone can pull it off as well as her! Her performance in this episode is good enough for her to win Best Actress another 5 times. xD I totally love the triumphant smile that she gave to Lau Sing at the end of the episode! ^^

P.S. There are some GIFs that I took from the Hong Kong discussion forum. Credits to ecwy! ^^ I realise that I'm not the only 花痴 person around. xD By the way, I'm also in favour for the No Regrets OST! <3 I really hope that TVB will consider releasing it!

I am sooo absolutely in love with Lau Sing + Gau Mui! Best on-screen couple ever! <33 I really hope that they will have the chance to collaborate with each other again! =D



  1. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you posting your thoughts on each episode. I'm from the US, and sadly I don't understand Cantonese (though I REALLLLLLLLLY want to, haha), but this drama is so addicting that I tune in everyday and watch it anyway.

    I'm Viet, so some of the words I can make out because they're similar, but most of the time I'm clueless, haha. And the English subs take forever, so sometimes I kinda have to depend on your blog to find out what happened in an episode. I just wanted to show some appreciation. Thanks so much!


  2. @Anonymous You're welcomed! Thanks for dropping by! =D Watching TVB dramas in Cantonese is a good way of learning Cantonese. My Cantonese also improved leaps and bounds (plus constant exposure from my family) after watching them in the original language (TVB dramas in Singapore are Mandarin-dubbed, because the Singapore Govt is very against dialects). =)

    I'm glad you're enjoying No Regrets! =D Do remember to support No Regrets by voting at the TVB website!

    And wow, No Regrets is airing on US TV? Or you watch it online? xD


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