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Thoughts on Episode 26

| Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | |
Yes! This episode was pretty epic! ^^

I really loved how Lau Sing managed to save Gau Mui! Oh, and the way he shot that stupid Japanese soldier was cool! <3 It was pretty touching when they raised their hands and made the V sign. =)

And aww... The Sing Gau scenes were totally soooooo sweet! *blood glucose level rises* Gau Mui really looked jealous when Lau Sing said that he had given the other hand grenade to somebody else. xD Haha, there was still quite a long pause before Lau Sing finally answered her. Was that on purpose? xDDDDDD But aww, Gau Mui really looked very happy and relieved when Lau Sing revealed the truth. ^^ That's just too sweet of them! Lau Sing was really very patient when he taught her how to use the hand grenade! =D Sweetness to the max! <3333

Dear Sing Gau, please continue to make my blood glucose level rise! <3

Although I find Tachiya freaky, but I understand that he is really obsessed with Ching Ching, to the point of him calling her "his goddess". O.O''' I felt kind of sad that he had to go this way, but if he didn't look that perverted in the earlier episodes, I would have symphatised with him more. xP

This episode threw up many more questions, which I hope can be answered in time, since only 6 more episodes remain before this drama ends.

Who exactly is Long Hei, and who exactly is Siu Hong?

Why did Fei Fan had a change of heart?

Watch on to find out more! =)

Ratings for No Regrets on myTV! Congratulations to No Regrets! I believe that this is the first drama to hit more than 2 million views! =D



  1. Scene on the boat was a great piece of under-acting by Wayne and Sheren. Anything more would have been out of character.

  2. @Anonymous I agree! I love the subtlety of their expressions... Nothing too much, but not less either! It's enough for we audience to feel what they feel about each other! =) Sing Gau ftw! <3

  3. dreamlucky, i swear he was flirting with her lor on the boat. agree with anon about the under-acting. it was brilliant. and yet, there was a distinct difference in Sing when he spoke with much more confidence... he seemed more man.... in a way i think he kinda knew she liked him alr. what do u guys think?

    and if he knows she likes him alr, why do u think he isn't expressing? him reading her letter was alr a sign to him that she liked him...

    <3 sing gau - dee

  4. @dee Heehee, maybe at that time, people don't express their love so openly LOL! xD But actually, even though I really want them to be more "open" with each other, but this "a little here and a little there" actions that Gau Mui and Lau Sing are doing are more than enough to let the audience feel the love they have for each other! =D

    Not sure which one I like better haha! I think I won't be able to keep my sanity in check if Gau Mui and Lau Sing are more "open" with each other LOL! xD

    And oh my gawd, the trailer for episode 29! Lau Sing is crying on Gau Mui's shoulders! ='( Will they hug will they hug?!?! xD


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