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Recap: Episode 5 - Gau Mui and Lau Sing's Chemistry

| Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | |
Sorry about the delay in recaps, guys! Just finished exams so I'm desperately trying to catch up with them asap... because it's approaching the end of the show! :(

I have also been talking to some people who said I should post recaps to the most recent episodes first for those that can't understand Chinese and still want to know what happened in detail during these more suspenseful episodes. If anyone has any comments or suggestions about this, please leave a message!

Long Guan stands on Gau Mui's side and fights against Long Hei. Gau Mui tries to calm him down by assuring him that even without those employees, the world won't stop spinning and Dong Tai won't stop making money from the opium dens. She will take care of it all. Long Hei leaves, utterly furious. Gau Mui knows the business will be affected by Long Hei's little ploy and proceeds to incite a plan of her own. She meets with Fei Fan and explains to him that opium has become hard to find these days. She wants Fei Fan and his policemen to help her find and arrest opium smugglers, then sell it back to her. She will pay him 20% more than the current market price. Also, for every 10 pounds of opium found, she will give $100 bonus to them. Fei Fan happily agrees.
At the police station, Fei Fan criticizes Lau Sing and the group for giving him insulting nicknames. He tells them they should actually thank him for being so harsh on them and forcing them to do so well. He tells them about Gau Mui's orders but changes the conditions to $20 instead of $100. Lau Sing's team, not knowing how much money Fei Fan is secretly withholding, are ecstatic about the prize money and agree to work well to earn it. When they get back to Ju Long Lei, they discuss what they are going to do when they get the money. Ching Ching suggests they use the money to hire someone to fix the damaged roof that makes a lot of noise when it rains. Pai Guat says they should install a fan in the house so it won't be so hot. Wong Lok suggests a sewing machine so his wife can repair clothes for everyone. His wife wants a radio instead. Everyone breaks out into debate but Lau Sing stops them and settles the matter. They will buy a radio with the first month's prize money because Dong Lei likes to listen to the story programs. In the following months, they all work hard to find illegal opium smugglers and earn the money from Fei Fan, who has secretly kept much of it for himself.
One day at Ju Long Lei, everyone gathers around to listen to the radio that announces the arrival of a ten-caliber windstorm. Everyone quickly prepares. Lau Sing leaves to pick up Dong Lei who went to Ho Lam to visit a friend. Yeung Yeung goes to find Ching Ching who had an job interview. He finds her amidst the furious wind and nonstop rain. The wind is so harsh that she falls over but Yeung Yeung wraps a rain coat around her and they start to walk home.
Somewhere on the other side of town, Dong Lei tries to make her way home in the rain too. She is almost hit by a falling sign but runs into Fei Fan's car. She helps her inside and is about to drive her home but pretends the car engine fails... He takes advantage of this to spend time alone with her. At first they make casual conversation but Fei Fan starts talking about their past, including the time when he chased her when they were young and many more times when they met coincidentally and spent time together. Dong Lei gradually gets uncomfortable with the intimacy of the moment. As if by good timing, Lau Sing shows up and Dong Lei hurries out to him. Fei Fan shows bitterness at this and easily starts the car and drives away.
As Ching Ching and Yeung Yeung make their way home, Ching Ching starts limping and eventually just drops to the ground, crying. She feels half of her body being paralyzed and tells Yeung Yeung that is a sign of her heart disease. She thinks she's having a relapse... Yeung Yeung immediately carries her home on her back to find Wong Lok for help. At Ju Long Lei, everyone is trying to catch the water dripping through the many leaks in the roof. When Yeung Yeung returns with Ching Ching, everyone is shocked and scared to hear what happened to her. Wong Lok examines her and determines that it was just a false alarm, caused by her fall earlier that hit her nerves. Lau Sing is relieved.
Suddenly, they lose electricity. Everyone lights candles and start to eat hot pot. Ching Ching happily tells everyone that windstorms make her think about how Lau Sing and Dong Lei met... Years ago, in a similar windstorm back in their town, Lau Sing went to Dong Lei's house to help out. When the wind threatened to blow the roof away, Dong Lei held onto it but her strength was not enough and so Lau Sing grabbed onto her waist and helped pull it back down. That was how they started... Everyone laughs at the story and Pai Guat mocks Lau Sing for being true to his name - smart indeed. Lau Sing proudly tells them that he knew Dong Lei liked him as well because she would always secretly put extra meats into his bowl of rice. Dong Lei is embarrassed but smiles sweetly with nostalgia.The next morning, the men set off on their bikes for work. Dong Lei catches up to Lau Sing and gives him the Macau address of her relative, telling him to let him know they aren't going anymore. It seems the couple is really in love and not fighting anymore. Suddenly, a druggie arrives and informs Lau Sing that he has information he requested about a few opium smugglers who are arriving today but he warns Lau Sing that they might have automatic machine guns.
Lau Sing's team get ready to arrest the smugglers but Fei Fan purposefully stops them to make life difficult for Lau Sing. He orders Lau Sing, Yeung Yeung, and Pai Guat to go alone and doesn't allow them extra guns or bulletproof vests either. They set off and spy on the 3 smugglers at the port, confirming that they do have machine guns. Lau Sing decides they can't fight them face to face but have to follow them to their hideout before taking action. They follow the smugglers through the streets carefully but on the way, one of the smugglers runs into a patrol cop. The cop is furious and demands to see what is in the suitcase they are carrying. Lau Sing knows this is not a good turn of events. Suddenly the smuggler shoots the patrol cop in the chest. Lau Sing immediately fires as well, hitting one of the men and sparking a vicious gun fight in the middle of the street. The smugglers unleash their machine guns and countless are hurt. Pai Guat throws his gun to Lau Sing, who shoots the remaining two men before they have a chance to use a grenade.
Fei Fan is pleased with the 40 pounds of opium they recover. But when Lau Sing asks if he can pay them back the prize money from the previous two months and an extra three months to help a neighbor who was shot, he is harshly rebuked by Fei Fan who refuses. But in reality, Gau Mui gave the full prize money to Fei Fan and also some extra for the police team. Lau Sing and the group eat together and speculate that Fei Fan is the one taking all the money from Gau Mui. They want to find Gau Mui to talk about it but Lau Sing warns them that she can't be trusted and proceeds to tell them what he saw during the Choi Hing incident. They are shocked at Gau Mui's evilness. Eventually, Lau Sing is half drunk and decides to really find Gau Mui to tell her about Fei Fan. The men support him. Little to they know that one of Fei Fan's men overhears their entire conversation and reports it to Fei Fan. He meets with Gau Mui to tell her Lau Sing is spreading rumors about her two-faced ways but this is also overheard by one of Long Hei's men...
Lau Sing's team arrive at the Cheng house and Long Hei goes to greet him, planning to use him to break Gau Mui's circle of power. Lau Sing tells her about the prize money problem but is shocked when she starts questioning him about Gau Mui killing Choi Hing instead. Lau Sing realizes there's something bigger at work here and starts to regret going to the house. He apologizes and avoids the questions but Gau Mui suddenly enters, furious at his accusations and demanding he proves he actually saw her kill Choi Hing. Long Hei thinks she has the upper hand and promises to protect Lau Sing from Gau Mui if he speaks the truth.
Under the pressure of the situation, Lau Sing starts spinning a story of half-truths and half-lies. He talks about seeing Choi Hing being snatched onto Gau Mui's car and taken to the mountain top. Then the gun shots and Gau Mui sitting in the car that drives past him. Gau Mui stares intently at Lau Sing while Long Hei chuckles heartily, thinking that she's won. But Lau Sing continues his story, admitting his mistake. He saw Choi Hing again two days later, alive and well and bidding him farewell to go work in Macau. Everyone is surprised at this turn of events but Gau Mui easily continues Lau Sing's story and reveals that it was she who found that accountant job for Choi Hing in Macau, even revealing the name of the bakery. Lau Sing nods and shows the address to Long Hei - the paper that Dong Lei had given him that morning. Gau Mui admits that she had killed someone on the mountain that night but it was actually another criminal who was trying to cheat money from Dong Tai.
Dai Fung and Long Hei are angered and surprised by Lau Sing and Gau Mui's chemistry. Nobody knows what to believe anymore but they can do nothing about it. Gau Mui stops Lau Sing from leaving and asks why they came to her house in the first place, promising to help him in return for helping her. Fei Fan tries to stop him but Lau Sing tells her about the prize money situation, thoroughly surprising Gau Mui who realizes that it is Fei Fan who has been withholding it all. Angered, she orders Fei Fan to return three times the money to them and threatens to make his life a living hell if he doesn't...


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