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Recap: Episode 3 - Gau Mui Captures Suspected Pai Guat

| Sunday, November 7, 2010 | |
After Siu Git is shot, Dai Fung arrives on scene and orders his men to chase Pai Guat down. They follow him through a dark forest, shooting at him as he runs. Pai Guat soon loses his footing and rolls down the hill. The entire Cheng family arrives at the hospital in a hurry. Gau Mui asks Dai Fung what happened. He replies that it was the girl's fault. All Siu Git wanted to do was take her for a ride but she denied him that pleasure, then a policeman came and shot Siu Git in the chest. Long Hei threatens to beat her until she tells them where Pai Guat is now hidden. At that time, the doctor informs them that Siu Git's injuries are severe. The bullet punctured his lung and is now lodged in his ribs. But he promises to do his best to save him. The angry Long Guan orders all 3000 of Dong Tai's men to find and bring Pai Guat back to him, dead or alive.
At the station, Fei Fan tells Lau Sing and his team that they have until 7:07am to find Pai Guat. Because he is part of his team, it is their responsibility. If they can't find him, they are all going to suffer consequences. Yeung Yeung thinks that the case is suspicious. He believes that given Pai Guat's personality, he wouldn't have the guts to shoot someone. Lau Sing asks Fei Fan if he will protect them from repercussions if they find Pai Guat. Fei Fan gives them his word and Lau Sing promises that he will find the little bastard. At this moment, 2 officers come in and say that they saw Pai Guat come back to the station earlier. Sure enough, everyone turns around and sees Pai Guat try to escape out the window. Fei Fan throws his baton at him but Pai Guat manages to jump out and run away. In a fit, Fei Fan grabs Lau Sing's gun and shoots at him but doesn't hit.
Everyone at Dong Tai is celebrating the company's anniversary at the hotel. There is a band and girls singing old songs. Dai Fung interrupts the lively atmosphere with a speech, asking everyone how they can be celebrating and having fun while Siu Git lies in the hospital. How can their hearts really be happy at this time? Smashing his glass, he yells for everyone to go out and catch Pai Guat. But Long Guan, Gau Mui,and Siu Hong arrive. Dai Fung asks him why he isn't staying in the hospital to be with Siu Git. Long Guan tells him that even if the sky falls down tonight, he has to be here to drink and celebrate with all of Dong Tai's brothers. He says that when everyone had helped him build this legacy, no one had skipped out because of personal problems at home, therefore he will not either.
Fei Fan walks in with Lau Sing's team then. He is sorry that they haven't found Pai Guat yet but he wanted to come congratulate Long Guan and inform him that they've already blocked all the ports, train stations, and ways out of Guangzhou. He leads the other officers to swear that they will not rest until they find Pai Guat, dead or alive. Long Guan is pleased and invites them to join in the celebrations. Gau Mui goes on stage to announce 3 pieces of good news. One, Dong Tai's profits increased by 40% this year. Two, instead of opening 10 more public opium dens this year they will now open 15. Three, everyone will get big bonuses for their hard work. Everyone cheers. But Yeung Yeung notices an old cleaning lady working at the side. He tells Lau Sing that he recognizes her as having visited Pai Guat before. She is his only relative here in Guangzhou. Lau Sing grows suspicious...
Pai Guat is revealed to be hiding in one of the hotel's storage rooms. The cleaning lady beings him some leftover food and tells him everyone is looking for him, he is in grave danger. She decides to find someone to secretly, and illegally, get him out of here. Lau Sing and Yeung Yeung follow the cleaning lady to find Pai Guat, who is so shocked and scared to see them that he pulls out his gun to defend himself with. Lau Sing finds this completely ridiculous and grabs it from him forcefully. They ask Pai Guat what really happened... Pai Guat describes what happened and the shadowy figure he saw who actually shot Siu Git. It was a person who walks very strangely with his head tilted to the side. This makes Lau Sing recall a case from years ago where the husband of a woman who had committed suicide also had a tilted head. Lau Sing tells Pai Guat that all men in charge of illegal transport are Long Guan's men so there is no safe way out of there. Sure enough, Gau Mui is alerted to the fact that the cleaning lady is related to Pai Guat and that he himself may be hiding in the hotel. Dai Fung starts to guard all exits with extreme precaution.
Running out of ideas, Lau Sing and Yeung Yeung dress Pai Guat up as a waiter and tells him they will have to go out the main door in disguise. Another cleaning lady sees them in the bathroom but Lau Sing thinks nothing of her. He tells Pai Guat to stay calm and the three of them head back into the big celebration hall and stand at the side. Long Guan is so worried that he almost faints. Just as Lau Sing,Yeung Yeung, and Pai Guat head for the exit door, a few men holding the cleaning lady come in and bring her to Gau Mui. Gau Mui assures the cleaning lady that she will not harm Pai Guat if she will just take them to him. Lau Sing, Yeung Yeung, and Pai Guat leave the room in the commotion. They take him to Long Guan's study and hide him behind a display case of antiques.

Fei Fan and Siu Hong take Long Guan to the study to rest and kick Lau Sing and Fei Fan out. At the same time, Gau Mui leads the search for Pai Guat. When he's not in the storage closet where the cleaning lady led them, she is obviously displeased. She tells her bodyguard to lock her up and stuff her mouth so she can interrogate her later. Dai Fung and Zhou Tit are ordered to search the hotel room by room until they find Pai Guat.
Lau Sing and Yeung Yeung go back to the police station where Lau Sing finds the file for the case he thought of earlier. They find the address of the man called Choi Hing, who Lau Sing suspects is the real shooter. But they are told that he already moved a few days earlier. After a bike race through the dark streets, Lau Sing and Yeung Yeung have an argument. Yeung Yeung worries that he will be caught if he goes back to the hotel because the cleaning lady saw him with Pai Guat. Lau Sing says he is the only one who can help Pai Guat at this point, that he is such a wimp he can't do anything for himself and will only get himself killed. It is obvious that Lau Sing cares about Pai Guat. He tells Yeung Yeung to continue looking for Choi Hing and he himself returns to the hotel.

Long Guan receives a phonecall from the hospital. Siu Git woke up for a while but only said one line "that stupid police actually had the guts to shoot me" before losing consciousness again. 2 specialists will be coming down from Shanghai to perform surgery on Siu Git tomorrow afternoon. Lau Sing tells Big Car and Little Car that if they are asked, they must swear that they never saw Pai Guat. Unfortunately, the cleaning lady tells Gau Mui about what she saw and Gau Mui whispers something to Fei Fan. He calls Lau Sing outside to talk to him...
Fei Fan interrogates Lau Sing in the study. When Lau Sing denies ever seeing him, Fei Fan slaps him and says he knows all about the waiter disguise and the bathroom. Lau Sing tries to convince Fei Fan to believe him because everyone knows how much he hates Pai Guat. Fei Fan beats him on the head with his baton, drawing blood. Lau Sing admits nothing. Zhou Tit comes to bring Fei Fan to Long Guan. Pai Guat is worried about Lau Sing's injury but Lau Sing waves at him to go back into hiding. Long Guan tells Fei Fan that Dong Tai will handle this from now on. He leads the whole Cheng family into the study to question Lau Sing himself...
Long Guan tries to bribe Lau Sing into telling what he knows. He even swears that he will keep his word to not charge Lau Sing with anything and protect him from Fei Fan if he tells. Furthermore, if Lau Sing ever needs anything from him in the future, he will help him to any means. Lau Sing hesitates for a moment but in the end, he insists he knows nothing. He makes a vow that if he knows where Pai Guat is and doesn't tell, then he will not die a good death and never have any children. Long Guan is angered but leaves with Siu Hong. Since being nice didn't work, the plan changes. A bag is put over Lau Sing's head and Long Hei's henchmen fire guns into the air multiple times, putting Lau Sing in a great deal of pain from the sound and the fear of being really shot.
When it is over, everyone removes their earplugs. Lau Sing is in delirium but Dai Fung and his men continue to beat him into submission. Pai Guat watches all this in fear for Lau Sing, crying hopelessly, but he dares not make a sound or come out. Gau Mui watches all of this and she seems to realize something. She puts Lau Sing in a nice hotel room and gives him a cup of tea and bandages for his head as well. After a while, she enters and acts very kindly towards him, inviting him to sit and just talk with her. He tells her it can't be Pai Guat and that Pai Guat saw what the real shooter looked like. She recounts the times their paths have crossed and lets him know that she sees him as a friend. Little does Lau Sing know it's all just a plan. Gau Mui pretends to believe he knows nothing, then starts to guess who it could be herself. She thinks out loud, coming up with random suspects such as Long Guan's enemies or rich boys who want to take revenge on Siu Git. At this moment, her bodyguard comes in saying that Dai Fung has gone crazy with frustration and has put out a "kill on sight" order for Pai Guat. Acting very agitated, Gau Mui asks Lau Sing to tell her where Pai Guat is so that they can go protect him from Dai Fung. A worried Lau Sing immediately tells her where he is, only to discover that he's been tricked...
Pai Guat is brought before Long Guan in the celebration room. Fei Fan regretfully apologizes to Long Guan for having such a useless boy as part of the police team. He leaves Pai Guat for Long Guan to deal with and tells all his officers to leave as a gesture of shunning Pai Guat. Lau Sing can't bring himself to see Pai Guat die. He argues with Fei Fan, then Dai Fung, then the rest of the Dong Tai brothers if they really saw Pai Guat shoot Siu Git with their own eyes. No one admits they are 100% sure. Suddenly, Long Guan gets word of Siu Git's death. He is both heartbroken and enraged. He grabs Dai Fung's gun and points it at Pai Guat, wanting to take revenge for his son. Through the faces of the shocked crowd, Gau Mui sees Choi Hing with his head tilted and a big smile on his face. A scared and crying Pai Guat promises to come back and pay Lau Sing back in his next life for all the good things he's done for him. As Long Guan gets ready to pull the trigger, Gau Mui stops him...


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