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| Monday, January 10, 2011 | |
7th place - Sheren Tang

During last year's TVB awards ceremony, Sheren Tang won the Best Actress awards consecutively for 2 years, setting a brand new record for TVB. Having set such a record, the competition between TVB fadans have gotten so intense that "biological daughter" Charmaine Sheh feels awkward. There were also rumours that TVB wanted to sign on Sheren.

It has always been the case for female artistes in TVB that the more experienced you are, the better you are. After experiencing many emotional set-backs, Sheren Tang has finally hit a new career peak. No Regrets' Tang Gau Mui rode on the success of 4th Wife (Rosy Business), and has become one of the most outstanding characters in the history of TVB dramas. Although Sheren plans to cut down on the number of TVB dramas she films next year, but she has earned a lot of money in the Mainland. It seems that she will continue to shine and grab as much attention as she did this year.

- Credits to 腾讯娱乐

Comments: Cheng Gau Mui is definitely one of the best TV characters I've ever seen, and is definitely one of Sheren's representative roles! ^^



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