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OST for No Regrets?

| Friday, January 7, 2011 | |

TV King Wayne Lai attended the press conference for Yan Chai Charity Show yesterday. He revealed that he would be singing many classic songs for the charity show itself, so he had been practising hard. He said that when his son was born about 10 over years ago, he would be singing children songs for him. Even if he goes back to the music scene now, he won't have a chance to get the Best Newcomer award. He said that he is best at singing Roman Tam's and Adam Cheng's songs, but he only got his chance when Rosy Business became such a big hit.

Wayne heard that many people have actually praised No Regrets for having very good background music, and they also wanted TVB to come up with the OST for it. He also revealed that Producer Lee Tim Shing had discussed with TVB executive Catherine Tsang about the OST for No Regrets, but was not sure whether it would materialise or not.

- Credits to am730 and Xinmin

Comments: Yes yes yes! I want the OST please! ^^ I'm glad to note that we are not the only ones who think that the background music used is really good! =D



  1. I really wish for the OST of No Regrets!

    I´m one of those who praised a lot the background music for No Regrets. BVT like to repeat the same background music for every drama and its a bit monotonous.
    If they really decide to release the No Regrets OST, I will definitely own one!

  2. @Laura I agree with you! No Regrets' background music sounded really very different from the background of other BVT dramas. =)

    Kudos to the composers who composed all the music, especially the ending credits. That's like one of the best and most fitting music (in that context) that I've ever heard! ^^


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