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Wayne Lai hopes that 2011 will be a happy year

| Saturday, January 1, 2011 | |
Stepping into 2011, we have just send off the first 10 years of 2000. Looking back, we have indeed come a long way. What significance did 2010 hold for our artistes, and what do they hope for in the new year?

Wayne Lai - I hope that everybody will be happy for the new year. The most satisfying thing that I did in 2010 was to film No Regrets, which was such a marvellous drama. It was such a pity that we lost out on the Best Drama award, because personally, and based on public's opinions, we were already the best. In 2011, I hope that Tim Gor and Wah Biu will work together again, and of course, I must be included inside!

- Credits to Singpao

Comments: I want them to collaborate again, but is this really possible? I don't think Cheung Wah Biu is going to return to BVT anymore, and even if he does, I don't think he'll be treated nicely. Hmph.



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