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Wayne's trip to Singapore

| Friday, January 14, 2011 | |
一月二十二和二十三日會到新加坡宣傳,相信有很多機會和當地祥友見面. 而年三十晚我亦會在大馬雲頂與大馬觀眾倒數,迎接農歷新年. 今年對世界各地的祥友和觀眾都是個難得的機會,因為最近真的是足跡遍佈各地,先是北京及廣州,澳門,再是星馬,然後美加, 但當然有些地方還未有機會去,但期望來年,可以到更多更多的地方宣傳和工作,跟各地祥友見面.

On the 22nd and 23rd of January, I will be in Singapore to do promotion, and I believe that I will have the chance to interact with my fans from this country. On the 30th of this month, I will be in Malaysia's Genting to countdown to Chinese New Year. This year is a rare opportunity for me to meet fans from all over the world since I have travelled a lot this year. First, I was in Beijing and Guangzhou, Macau, and will soon be in Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. I won't have the chance to go to some places, but I hope that in the near future, I will be able to travel to more places and meet up with my fans.

Leaving Hong Kong: Cathy Pacific CX 759
Date: 22/01/2011
Time to leave Hong Kong: 9.10 am
Destination: Singapore
Estimate arrival time to Singapore: 12.55 pm

Flight back to Hong Kong: Cathy Pacific CX 734
Date: 23/01/2011
Time to leave Singapore: 4.25 pm
Destination: Hong Kong
Estimated arrival time to Hong Kong: 8.10 pm

Date: 22/01/2011
Artistes: Shirley Yeung, Wayne Lai, Michael Tse
Time: 7 pm
Location: Causeway Point

Date: 23/01/2011
Artistes: Shirley Yeung, Wayne Lai, Michael Tse
Time: 1 pm

- Credits to kamshun of TVB forum
- Credits to Wayne Lai's official TVB blog

Comments: I would really love to pick Wayne up from Changi Airport! After all, Changi Airport is my most favourite place in Singapore. Everybody who knows me knows that the airport is like my second home. So naturally, I'm very happy that Wayne will get to see how brilliant Changi Airport is. Unfortunately, I think I'll have to work, so I think I'll just fan-girl over him at Causeway Point! Yay! Finally a place that is rather close to my house! =D

And and and, is this pure coincidence or what, but I actually asked Wayne to come to Singapore in my letter to him! So No Regrets' fans, thank me! Nah, I'm joking! =D I really can't contain my excitement! I'm really looking forward to seeing Michael (he's one of my favs too!) and Shirley, whom I have quite a good impression of after watching A Fistful of Stances and A Chip Off The Old Block! ^^

I'll ask Wayne to sign my TVB Weekly #700 and #702! =D Don't snatch him away from me ah! xD



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