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Starhub road show 1 @ Causeway Point

| Saturday, January 22, 2011 | |
Ahh! I thought the event was supposed to start at 7 pm? I got cheated! >.< The event actually started at 4 pm! I knew it yesterday, but I thought Starhub made a mistake in their official website, because until yesterday, I did not hear any news about the change in timing. I can only blame myself for not reading the Starhub advertisement on today's newspaper, but I really didn't have the time since I woke up really early to go to work. -.-''' I'm sorry that I didn't manage take many good pictures, because I arrived too late (at around 5.15 pm, and the event ended at about 5.45 pm!). Better luck tomorrow, perhaps? BUT BUT BUT, MICHAEL TSE ACTUALLY WAVED AND FLASHED HIS TEETH AT ME OMG! *faints from excitement*

I realised that the No Regrets' stars (up till now, Fala Chen and Wayne Lai) don't really make me as excited as other TVB stars (in fact, I was going gaga over Maggie Cheung Ho Yee and Michael more LOL!). Please don't get me wrong. I really love our No Regrets' stars, but maybe that's because I didn't really get to interact with them, so that's why I didn't really have any special feelings LOL. >.< I blame the position where I was at for the lack of communication and interaction. On the other hand, I managed to get really up-close to Maggie (I was only separated from her by a security personnel) and Michael actually looked directly into my eyes and grinned at me. *faints again*

I really hope to get better photos tomorrow, and hopefully, send them off in my favourite place, Changi Airport. =) Shirley, Michael and Wayne will be singing some songs tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to hearing them sing, especially Michael's. His voice is really darn good omg! *swoons again*

Wayne was really very funny though! He cracked quite a lot of jokes, and here's one of them. He wanted to say that he's very shuai (handsome in Chinese), but he ended up pronouncing it as "soiee" (seoi in jyutping), which is 衰 in Cantonese! xDDD Everybody totally ROFL-ed! =P

That's all, folks! These are all the decent photos I have of Wayne, because as I've said, I got the timing wrong and the event ended soon after that! >.< I will post up more photos of Wayne tomorrow! =D

Strictly no ripping or claiming these photos as your own. PLEASE CREDIT DREAMLUCKY IF THE PHOTOS ARE GOING TO BE REPOSTED ELSEWHERE!!!!!


  1. hi, here is a video of Seng Gor singing the theme song from no regrets. enjoy. :)

  2. @Anonymous Thanks a lot, Anonymous! =D


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