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2010 Top 10 Classic TV Characters

| Thursday, January 6, 2011 | |

This a a character that has been anticipated by many. Thankfully, Cheng Gau Mui did not let us down. From Rosy Business' 4th Wife to No Regrets' Cheng Gau Mui, what never changed was the aura of royalty that surrounded her. She was the head of the underground society in times of chaos. She's clever, confidant, loves playing tricks and is able to draw the audience in no matter what. She is just like a queen bee; beautiful, but also possessive. However, on the other hand, she is actually a very pitiful person and a righteous angel who hates herself for not being able to change the way they live. She may be scheming, but she respects life as well. All these conflicting characteristics are shown on one person, and this has molded a Cheng Gau Mui that everybody has grown to respect, love, fear and even pity.

Taking a look at TVB, Sheren Tang is probably the only person who can take on such a complicated role. From her eyes, her expressions, dialogues and even movements... There is virtually nothing to pick about. Some people say that she's just playing the opposite role of 4th Wife. I have to say that these people did not watch carefully. Sheren has even became the first ever actress to win the Best Actress award back-to-back, so this says a lot about Cheng Gau Mui.

- Credits to Sohu TV Weekly

Comments: This list is based on dramas and shows from the whole of China (includes Taiwan and Hong Kong). It's a pretty impressive feat for Gau Mui to be placed at Number 5 when the rest of the list are virtually characters from Mainland dramas! o.O'''



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