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Fan-made No Regrets calendar

| Monday, January 3, 2011 | |
Here are some photos of the fan-made No Regrets calendar! I've received the calendar already, and it's really very pretty! =D Thanks Zesa for saving the photos and helping me buy the calendar! ^^ I will feel the motivation to study if I put it on my study table heehee (but to be honest, I won't have to go to school from now till results are released)! =D

A must-have for fans of Sing Gau and fans of No Regrets! =)

For more details, please email me!!!

And wtf, I just realised that the first picture looked like RV's ASK journal. >.<

Anyway, the original No Regrets DVD is out in Hong Kong, and it cost about HKD$500, which is about SGD$82.60. Actually, I'm not sure if this is considered expensive for BVT dramas in Singapore, because BVT dramas are atrociously expensive in Singapore (I remember seeing Beyond the Realm of Conscience selling for about $150 before the price dropped, and Rosy Business was about $120 before I managed to get it at half price). So... If you want the cheaper deal, ask people from Hong Kong to help you get it, because when the DVDs start selling in Singapore, be prepared to wait for a long time before the price drops to a reasonable range. >.< I think I will surely get the DVDs, because my parents love this drama (I'm quite surprised, but they decided to give it a go when I was re-watching it heehee!), but when? I don't know.

- Credits to Zesa for saving the photos

Comments: This calendar is really pretty! Haha, I just get the adrenaline rush from just looking at it. I think I must be mad! And it's not too expensive as well! Only $8.50 for the large one, and that includes shipping! ^^ No Regrets ftw! =D


  1. Where did you order this calendar? It's beautifully done!

  2. I live in california. I would also like to get a small calendar, like the same one you have. Is it possible to order one. I like to pay through paypal. Please advise. Thanks.

  3. I know someone who sells cheap No Regrets dvd drama in Singapore @ hardwarezone for just S$25, you can visit thread. Hope it helps!

  4. How much does the smaller calendar cost? I want it! :)

  5. @Jessica I ordered it through my friend haha. I can help you ask her if she's still taking orders! =)

  6. @wewah My friend mentioned that shipping is only available to people in PRC (includes Hong Kong), so that means that other people elsewhere in the world cannot order directly. I'll ask my friend for more details, then I'll get back to you haha! ^^

  7. @Sherayne If I never remember wrongly, it costs about RMB$29 bucks? The big one which I have cost about RMB$40?

  8. Thanks dreamlucky for your help.

    Please do let me know if they can special deliver the small calendar to californa. If not, would it be possible for you to order another one under your account and for you to send it to me. I would pay for all the delivery fee and the cost of the item. Again thanks for your help.

  9. @wewah Please email me for more details! =D


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