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No Regrets is Hong Kong's drama of the year

| Saturday, January 8, 2011 | |
@Eileen Cha (famous entertainment personality): On the whole, be it the setting or the emotional scenes of the drama, they are already a sure-win for No Regrets. The drama takes place in a particularly chaotic time period, and involves the Japanese Occupation. Most Hong Kong viewers do not really like to watch such genres, but both the male and female leads were able to portray their roles very well, and this naturally attracted more people to watch. The whole drama is quite sad, and moreover, it is placed at the 8.30 pm slot, so it isn't a good arrangement. Both Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang were able to win TV King and Queen for the second year running, and have won the hearts of the netizens once again. This proves that a capable back-stage crew triumphs over glitzy facades that just merely attracts the audience.

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