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Starhub road show 2 @ Causeway Point

| Monday, January 24, 2011 | |
Damn, I woke up at 12.45 pm yesterday, but the event was to start at 1 pm. That's the price I had to pay for waking up at 5 am every morning. >.< When I saw my alarm clock, I was totally shocked LOL. Thank goodness I managed to take a cab down to Causeway Point and reached at 1.15 pm, but I have already missed the first 15 minutes!

Anyway, all hail the Circle line. xD I did not managed to see the stars when I reached Changi Airport, but that wasn't my main point anyway. I knew I had no chance to meet them, but I went there in hope of seeing people from all walks of life. I only took 1 hour to travel from Woodlands to Changi Airport. North-South line, Circle line, then East-West line - all in 1 hour! All hail SMRT, LTA and blah blah blah. =D

Their flight has been retimed, and I was lagging around T1. I heard the Hong Kong people (who were about the board the same plane as them) complaining that their flight has been rescheduled because of the TVB stars. Lol, I was only behind them HAHA. xDDD Anyway, pictures! =D Sorry for the poor quality though! My camera went bonkers half-way, so I had to take the pictures using my phone. >.< Wayne sung Rosy Business' theme song, Red Butterfly! ^^

I will post a translated news article on Wayne Lai that is featured in today's Lianhe Zaobao tomorrow! =)

Wayne Lai singing Rosy Business' Red Butterfly! =D

- Credits to digdub for recording the video

All right, I guess that's it, folks! I heard that Wayne Lai will be coming to Singapore again in June. I'm not sure what it is for, but I really hope I can make it! =)



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