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Feminine #536

| Sunday, January 9, 2011 | |
Hooray! Sheren Tang is on The Southern Link's cover! =D She's really so very pretty! ^^ Here are the magazine scans. I'm going down to Chinatown tomorrow and see whether the magazine is still there! I hope it's still there, but the magazine is quite expensive! =/ But still, it'd better be there! =P Thanks Zesa for the tip! ^^

Front and back cover!

- Credits to sallylaw1224 of 邓萃雯吧
- Credits to Zesa for MMS

Comments: Sheren is really very very pretty here! <333333 This magazine looks very familiar. I think it can be found in Popular and other major bookstores. Don't go to Chinatown and snatch the copy away from me ah! ^^

Update: I've already gotten my magazine! ^^ I will re-upload the scans when I have the time to scan the magazine! For those who want the magazine, I think it's still available! Do notify me if you want it! ;)


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