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Sheren Tang - In search of her "Lau Sing"

| Sunday, January 23, 2011 | |
The TV characters that Sheren Tang has played are all women with strong characters. Gau Gu Leong's viciousness has won the hearts of many; there's still 4th Wife, Hilda, Yu Fei and many other roles that leave the audience with a deep impression of her. In reality, Sheren appears to be very competitive. However, she does have a soft side to her, and wishes to be cared for as well. "What use is there for a woman to be strong?" Being a strong woman is just a facade, and this time round, Sheren lets people see the gentler side of her, and talks about romance.

"Recently, I was a guest on this programme called Why women are so strong? Women in Hong Kong will have a deep impression of this programme. We women have to play the role of a wife and mother. Many working women have to do what they have to do for their jobs, and also manage the household. Actually, women have to take on many responsibilities, so why do we have to appear strong? Through this process, we lose the feminine side of us, and thereby lose the need for us to feel cared and protected for."

Independent since young
Sheren is a good example of a strong woman, but she says that she is in need of someone to care for her, and this all started when she was young...

"My parents are divorced, so from young, I have to learn to be an independent person. I learned not to trouble the adults for frivolous things, and learned to earn praises from them through my hard work. My relatives said that I was really obedient when I was young, because after eating, I would go to sleep, and won't throw any tantrums. I feel even worse after hearing what my relatives said. All little children yearn to be cared and protected, but I am only taken care of by my maternal grandparents. No matter how much I cry or throw tantrums, I won't gain more attention, so I don't cry. After that, when I had to learn to support my maternal grandparents, I went out to work by myself, and nobody helped me."

"I like the feeling for being cared for. A few days ago, while working with Wayne Lai, I really envied him for having the companionship of his wife, Julia. I too, wish that I have a male version of Julia. What must I do in order to find a person like that? I don't need someone who is rich or has status. I've met men who are very successful, but to me, these glitzy facades merely hide the fact that they feel insecure about themselves. What I need is a man who has a big heart, someone who is like Lau Sing. I am one who doesn't like to use my brain, so when I go overseas or go to China for filming, so long as there's a person whom I can trust beside me, I won't feel like bringing my brain along. I will even forget which hotel room I am supposed to be in, and only remember my friends and assistants."

Proud to be a single
She yearns for romance, and yet is single. Why are there reports of Sheren crying when she's in church?

"I cry often when I'm in church, because I feel touched that I'm enlightened, and not because I have nobody to go out with. Some of these reports are really damaging to my reputation. They refuse to believe that I'm happy even though I'm single, and try to forcefully create a 'Sheren Tang is very lonely' image. Why are women who don't have anybody to go out with treated in this way? In the past, I think very lowly of myself, so I tried to compensate this point by getting into numerous relationships. However, I know that my worth is not measured by the number of boyfriends I have, because dating doesn't necessarily mean that I feel secure, and doesn't mean that I feel happy. I am a romantic at heart, yet I'm sensible. So trust me, as of now, I feel proud to be a single.

Enjoys the experience of being a mother
Sheren loves little children, and she likes the kids of other people, because she hasn't thought of being a mother in real life.

"Children are the most innocent people in the world. When I go to the beach or parks, both my eyes will scan the surroundings to see whether there are any cute babies around. I will play with them so long as they react to me when I look at them. Not all of them have to smile at me; sometimes they have no reaction or they cry.  I just love the babies' reactions. I find them very cute!"

"I love children, but I have not thought of being someone's mother. It's good being an artiste, because I get to play different roles. 7, 8 years ago, when I was filming Aqua Heroes, I was already the 'mother' of Bobo Chan and Leila Tong, who were my 'daughters'. After that, in The Drive of Life, Toby played my daughter. I don't have to suffer to bring up the children, but I already have such a big 'daughter' who calls me 'Mother!', and I think that is really interesting."

Learns to love her parents
If Sheren was to write something about her personal relationships, how would she describe the situation that she is in now?

"I would write 'The most blissful moment', I am learning how to love, and preparing for my marriage in the future. Because of what happened to my parents, I lacked love, and lack the love and care from my parents. I can't believe that when I'm 40+ years, I still have the chance to experience parental love. I spend more time with my mother now, and can enjoy the soup that my mother prepares. Both my mum and I take care and understand each other better now. In the past, she did not understand what I was going through at work. When I was very tired, and had a rare chance to rest, she would ask me to accompany her to meet her friends and relatives. The situation is very different now. She will now ask me to rest more, because she knows that I'm very tired; some simple words from her actually made my day. As for my father, I will try my best to bring him on holidays, and at the same time, I will take this chance to relax and not visit tourist attractions. My father will tell people, 'My daughter can sleep until the sun sets.' He doesn't understand me, that's why he said that."

"I can't choose my parents, but I can always love them. I am learning how to love my parents, and learning how to love my future partner - how to love till we're old, and love till death do us part. I know that God has His plans for us, so I will meet a partner who is better than Lau Sing."

Never gives up finding "Lau Sing"
Sheren Tang has fully appreciated the fact that life is like a drama, and drama is like life. Her love life has been bumpy. After entering the entertainment sector at the age of 18, she has also gone through many failed relationships and endured many gossips about her, one of which she ended up loving a married man. Now, she is learning how to love properly. All the roles that she has played represent the turning points in her life. Rosy Business' 4th Wife and No Regrets' Gau Gu Leong are roles that Sheren relishes.

Romance determines the roles she play
"I feel that the love, romance and character in reality are interchangeable with the roles that I play in dramas. I remember that in the story between 4th Wife and Chai Gau, many people felt that it was such a pity for Chai Gau to die. However, I did not think of it this way. Did 4th Wife really loved Chai Gau? A man could get an incurable disease in order to save the woman. Because of this, the woman felt really guilty and really hoped to make up to him in every way possible. I saw 4th Wife as me, Sheren Tang, and as one who did not truly understand what was romance. In the past, I would definitely accept Chai Gau's love for 4th Wife, and would forever remain indebted to him. However, is this really true love? Or is it just desire? I know of some people who are unable to love because of their circumstances and surroundings. If the other party is a married person, such feelings have to be contained. I used this belief to act out how 4th Wife should treat Chai Gau, so the audience knew that nothing blossomed out of the relationship between 4th Wife and Chai Gau, but they can't help but to think that there's something that more than meets the eye. Love doesn't need to be reciprocated. Not accepting it doesn't mean you don't love. If I had accepted such a role a few years earlier, I would have over-acted, and not act as naturally as I could now. Because I'm now more careful with my emotions and feelings, it is able to aid me a lot in my acting. An artiste cannot just rely on acting skills alone. He or she must also be able to reflect what they feel about life itself.

Doesn't need praises
Gau Gu Leong not only made Sheren Tang win her second consecutive Best Actress award, but it has also made her learn more about love. "Tim Gor, Wah Biu and Wayne have accompanied me on this very long journey. In reality, will I be able to find a soul mate like Lau Sing? They have told me to give up, because there is no such man in the world. However, I refuse to give up. Even if I'm not able to meet such a man, the experience from filming this drama is already enough for me to experience how it is like to be in love. I've always said that a guy must have a big heart. What I meant was that he has to be accommodating to his partner, support her and admire her. Many girls like to ask their boyfriends what their boyfriends like about them. I have asked my ex-boyfriends that question too, but now I know that I don't need them to sing my praises, but to support me with their actions. Is he able to appreciate my working attitude? Will he get jealous if my fans ask me for my signature?"

"When I was young, one must have the passion, and I loved the moments when I was thinking about the opposite party. Now, I find all these too tiring. Passionate relationships do not suit me. So long as the other party cares about me, it's already good enough. When I attend other people's wedding, the most touching moment is the time when they say I do, whether in sickness or health, wealth or poverty, prettiness and ugliness we vow to love each other."

Normalcy is bliss
"The basis for 2 people in love in their ability to go through thick and thin together. Everybody has their ups and downs in life. When Gau Gu Leong was at the lowest point in her life after being addicted to opium, Lau Sing was always by her side and never gave up on her. After going through the filming process, I am enlightened, and have changed my views on love. Gau Gu Leong may be a strong woman, but when the story ended with Lau Sing and her growing old together, that was then I felt true bliss. They travelled together, go to the park to practice taichi and engaged in activities that other people were doing. In the end, such a laid-back life is then considered bliss."

Rosy Business made Sheren act out 4th Wife's relationship with Chai Gau appropriately, touching many audience in the process.

Sheren was very touched by how Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong watched the sunset together in No Regrets.

"I have 3 big plans." With so much work being arranged for her, Sheren described her workload as "having no energy left every night, which is why she sleeps". What exactly is she busy with? After winning her second consecutive TV Queen, she did not take the opportunity to promote herself. Instead, she busied herself with church matters, interviews and sharing sessions with the students.

Helping the needy
"In one day, I have to attend about 4 activities from morning till night falls. I have to visit the mentally-handicapped centres to do interviews, visit secondary and primary schools as well as kindergarten kids to share with them my experience. For these few months, I am placing more emphasis on voluntary work in order to give back to society. Earlier on, I went to the drug rehabilitation centre and cheered those patients on so that they could get back on their feet quicker. Wayne and I are both into charity work. He promotes charity events by asking people to donate money, while I personally help those people who are really in need."

"For these 2 years, I have already cut down on my workload. After filming Rosy Business, I rested for 1 year before filming both No Regrets and The New Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Right now, I have a few scripts to choose from, and they are scripts for Mainland dramas and movies. As for TVB, I will see whether if there's a suitable script before I start to consider the role."

Sheren has to film, and is also busy with charity work; She has 3 big plans for herself, and said that should she fail to achieve them before she dies, she'll die with regrets. "I want everybody to witness this. A few years ago, a publisher approached me to write an autobiography about me, but I have yet to meet a good writer who can string my words and thoughts together; Another thing is that, I want the story of my life to be made into a musical."

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly


Comments: SORRY! I WILL CONTINUE TO UPDATE THIS ARTICLE TOMORROW! I HAVE TO SLEEP NOW BECAUSE I NEED TO WAKE UP TO GO TO WORK! >.< Still, the thought of eating Maxwell Food Centre's tapioca cakes and you tiao motivates me though work is tiring. =D

Yes! I'm finally done with translating this Mingpao article! Why are Mingpao articles always so long? -.-''' But it's really worth translating it because we really get to know Sheren more as a person. =)

I will miss seeing her in dramas, but it's really great that she's helping out the less fortunate as well. GO SHEREN! <3


  1. Thank you so much for your translation.
    This article makes us fans understand Sheren better :)

  2. thks so much for your translation dreamlucky! really thsnk for taking your time to translate such a wonderful article so that we knoe more abt sheren! :DD

  3. I really admire her after reading this (plus other articles you've translated) I also agree with her when she said, "In the end, such a laid-back life is then considered bliss." I love those pictures of them doing normal everyday activities-shopping, doing taichi, she wiping his sweat, eating together- at the end of NR. Seeing that makes me think it was Ok even though they were apart for 30yrs, because now they are together. She's not busy fighting another war/battle. They can just enjoy the happiness they are due for. And although I also believe finding a man like Lau Sing is really difficult, esp. in today's age and time, I hope that Sheren will one day find him XD (I myself would love to have a man like Lau Sing too as my other half...)

  4. @daow Thanks daow! It's my pleasure! Haha, how's life for you now? xD

  5. @nr fan You're welcomed! It's my pleasure to let people know more about NR people! And I'm glad you are a fan as well! =D

  6. @Anonymous Haha, a guy like Lau Sing is really hard to find in this era? xD I believe that a guy like Lau Sing can only be found in those turbulent times. It is those turbulent times that shape the people turn out (in my opinion haha!).

    I find guys (not necessarily all, but just a general observation) nowadays too wimpy LOL. Of course, I hope someone will prove me wrong some point in life. xD

    May Sheren find her 如意郎君, and may you find yours as well! ^^


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