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Wayne Lai misses Chai Gau and Lau Sing

| Tuesday, January 25, 2011 | |
For the past 2 TVB Awards ceremonies, Wayne won the Best Actor awards 2 times based on Rosy Business and No Regrets, bringing him much popularity.

He accepted an interview with our newspaper the day before, when he was in Singapore, and admitted that he's a romantic at heart. He misses his "old friends", Chai Gau and Lau Sing very much!

He said, "I feel that a role is every artiste's good friend since we spend a lot of time with each other. When he leaves, it's inevitable that you will feel uncomfortable. I should say that I relish the feeling of missing my characters. At times, when I sit on the sofa, I will think about what Chai Gau and Lau Sing are doing in their free time, and how they are getting on with life. I think that I'm a hopeless romantic, haha!"

Rumours about him and Sheren Tang are just nonsense
Does he miss his on-screen partner, Sheren Tang? Regarding the rumours between him and Sheren, Wayne laughed them off. "Actually, I'm not really worried about these rumours. It's been so many years, and the audience has an image of who I am already. They know what kind of person I am. I am not pretentious, and both the media and audience know that. It's just part of the media's responsibility to "fry up" the news about us (Wayne and Sheren), but all these rumours are dissipated within a week, becase it's all fake, haha!"

Endless offers to film ads, Chai Gau propels him to both fame and benefits
After 25 years in the entertainment industry, Wayne propelled to overnight fame based on his role in Rosy Business. He officially jumped from being a supporting actor to a main lead, with fame following close behind. He revealed that he has endorsed at least 6 brands, and that his market price is worth much more than before.

"I find it really strange. I've acted as Zhou Botong and Pigsy before, and many people loved those characters. However, they were not enough to generate the market, so the chances of making money were smaller. But after Rosy Business, the whole situation changed. This is one aspect of the media that I still fail to grasp... However, I still feel weird, because the Wayne Lai 1 year ago is still the Wayne Lai now, but after playing a role, people start to see you differently. I really can't figure all these out, haha."

Not willing to sign on with TVB, wife is his manager
Wayne Lai clinched his Best Actor award as a "freelancer", and up still now, he still has no intention of signing on with TVB. He is more than willing to let his wife be his manager and handle all the stuff for him.

"I feel that this arrangement is the best, because she's always by my side. If there's anything, I can just tell her directly without feeling awkward or beating about the bush. If I get a manager, there will always be a barrier between us no matter what, whereas if I work with my wife, I can tell her directly whether I like this or not, and as and when I like it..."

No Regrets will be aired on Starhub TV (Channel 855) from 17th May 2011 onwards, every Mondays to Fridays at 9 pm!

- Credits to Lianhe Zaobao

Comments: YES YES YES! No Regrets is going to air on Starhub soon! For those with cable TV, please support this drama! *^^* I predict that I'll see more No Regrets' fans after it airs.

I really wonder when Rosy Business is going to air on Channel U though...



  1. Hi Dreamlucky

    Thanks for the update of Wayne and the translation on the newspaper interview. I really enjoy reading it. Btw i read an article about Lee Tim Shing. Thought you might be interested. Click on the site below.

  2. Good article but I think you mean May 17th, 2011? Becos if it's 2010, then, the actual TVB drama which hasn't aired yet, is aired on StarHub. If you get what I mean.

  3. Thank you for translating the article. It is a joy to read it.

  4. @wewah Hello wewah! Thanks a lot! And haha, I will post up the article on Lee Tim Shing soon! Thanks for the link! And I'm really glad you enjoyed reading the article! ;)

  5. @Anonymous Thank for pointing that out! I've changed it already! =D And I'm glad you enjoyed reading this article as well! ^^


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