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Wayne Lai's assurance to fans

| Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | |
義海豪情的拍攝已經進入尾聲,相對之前的工作量是較為輕鬆了很多,因為我的主景場口都大部份完成了,還剩下一些散景,相信餘下每曰的工作時間都不會太長吧!亦正好在這些時間上這咖啡座聊聊天. 之前有些祥友擔心我會沈迷微博,而忘記這聚會的好地方,在此希望各位客人放心,因為這裡始終是悠閒聊天的好地方,而微博就是一個快捷方便的匯報站,兩者性質大不相同,一是咖啡廳,一是快餐店. 而且有些內地祥友並不能輕易到來這裡,多一個地方讓他們聚聚,也算多點結緣的機會吧! 再這,我依然是一個不帶電話入廠的演員.請放心,戲劇世界依然是我沈醉的世界,再回頭,已是百年身,讓劉醒的世界化為永恆!

Filming for No Regrets is near completion. I believe that my work-load is getting lighter as I have mostly finished my scenes already. I have the time now to drink coffee and to chat. A few days ago, a few of my fans are worried that I will get addicted to Weibo and forget about this blog. I wish to assure everybody that this is still the best place to chat with my fans. Weibo is only a convenient way for me to upload information on the go. Both of them are different; one is a canteen, the other is a fast-food restaurant. Some fans from Mainland China are also not able to access my TVB blog, so having a Weibo helps me reach out to them. Also, I am not one who brings my phone along when I'm working. So rest assure, acting will forever be my priority! Let's make Lau Sing's world an eternity!

- Credits to Wayne Lai's TVB blog

Comments: I feel sad that filming is nearing completion, but hey, filming can't go on forever right? Hopefully, they will still keep in touch even though they may never get the chance to collaborate with each other again. =(



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